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Dawn, mountain pathway

“It’s too dark. Seems like it’s not a good time to take a stroll right now.” Brendel smiled. His eyes quickly swept over everyone, and walked straight to the center of the twenty odd people in front of him.

The young guards subconsciously parted to let him cross. Bretton gripped the sword in his hand tightly. He glared menacingly at Brendel but he also refrained himself from taking any action, as he knew he would not be able to suppress the commotion if they fought. One of his men at his side tried to rush up to Brendel, but he was held back by Bretton’s other hand.

The tension in the forest was as taut as a bowstring.

But Brendel kept walking to the other end of the forest before he stopped and spoke.

“Bretton, the things that you learned in the guards included disobeying orders? Your plan sucks. All of you should know Captain Marden’s temper well enough. Why do all of you even bother to try and force him to agree to your petition? If it was me, I’ll just bring everyone out secretly and leave one person behind to inform him.”

Everyone looked at each other with a loss for words.

Bretton’s hand on his sword shook a little. A streak of suspicion flashed in his eyes, involuntarily wondering what this fellow was planning.

“Well, go ahead and tell me when you are moving out to attack Madara, so I can decide when to move as well.”

“…… Before the Crimson Star disappears.”

The young vice-captain thought for a while before replying. Even though he was wary of Brendel’s motives, his plan did sound more enticing, and the possibility to execute his plan was much higher.

“Then you should go to the stretch of the ‘Fox Forest’ and hide there. That particular area should be the nearest and safest location to attack the Madara’s undead army. I’ll pick up a piece of paper and bring it to Marden and let him know of your plan later on.”


“Also, be focused when you fight against the necromancers, their magic spells will only work against people with weak willpower!”

“Brendel, just what exactly do you want? How did you find Zeta and Ryan, and how did you manage to beat them?” Bretton asked darkly as he took his hand away from his sword.

“Alright, this might possibly be the final time I’m seeing you after we part. Whether we are rivals or hate each other’s guts, it’s possible that everything will become memories after this. Ultimately, we’re Aouine’s citizens, so I’ll wish you luck.”

Brendel waved his hand to indicate what he thought was not anything worth mentioning.

Bretton watched him leave silently.


Leaving Marden’s fury at Bretton’s actions aside, the old veteran found that there was no way for him to attack the Madara’s undead army any longer. He could only arrange for Freya to gather the villagers to form a defensive squad and prepare to break the siege at the River of Daggers in the north.

And right about this moment, Jonathon, wh

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