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The footprints on the other path in History

The vast land slept within the darkness where nature did not even emit one sound. It was as if the silence was mourning for the dead souls that had left this world. A meteor shower streaked across the starry skies, appearing and disappearing quickly, as if to symbolize the names that appeared briefly in history.

Bretton silently stood straight up against the cold night wind. He sent out command after command, and the guards vanquished the undead remnants in the ruins of the Green village. Every single undead had to be purified. Every single one.

The young vice-captain felt that this was the only way to make himself feel better.

He checked the time. He had only thirty minutes left.

Zeta looked at the scene from afar. He shook the glass flagon in his hand, and touched the girl beside him: “Hey, you’re called Irene right?”

Irene was a little startled.

“I’m Zeta. Do you want a little?” He raised the wine flagon. “Pure fire wine made from the Crystal river. Ryan and I found it in a wine cellar. Sadly, I don’t know if I can still drink this after this war…..”

He paused for a while.

“You know, I had a dream once. I wanted to become the best scout.”

“But I’m regretting it a little.”

Irene felt this person was really strange, but she was curious as to why he had regrets.

“Why?” She asked.

“My biggest goal was to discover the enemy as quickly as possible, because discovering them would justify my value. But now the thing I want to do the most is to hide the villagers. If I can hide them, at least they wouldn’t be killed. But you know what? I couldn’t do anything. I was unable to do anything.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“But I’m a soldier.” Zeta sipped the wine: “When I saw that girl cried, I thought that it would have been good if I had died like Kevin did in the battlefield. But I’m still alive now so I can’t escape from this.”

Irene fell into a silence, and she suddenly thought of Brendel. She had this strange impression that this young man who led them out from every dire situation once and again, would be able to lead them out of the darkness that was shrouding them.

Maybe her premonition would be right, and everything would be solved.

She hoped in her heart.


Brendel and Freya sat together.

Brendel truly did not think that he was good at comforting someone. He felt that it would have been better for someone else to be here right now, but that damnable Bretton just left with a grim expression without any words, and Irene just stayed far away.

[Isn’t this girl over here your captain?! Do something!]

It was fortunate that Freya adjusted her emotions quickly. But she kept staring into space in a daze, her bright eyes had dimmed and were filled with loneliness.

Brendel had seen that look before in the game. When she had become the Goddess of War, her gaze could sometimes be seen wit

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