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Brendel’s starting point.

Not going to the Green village?

That was not possible. Brendel knew something inside there that had a great impact to his future plans. Regardless of stockpiling for food or proving he was fit to go, he had to go into the village that might be overrun with Madara troops.

So he first tried to parley with words: “If I don’t go, how would you know where to start? Sneaking in and searching are not things that you could do in the first try, and you need a detailed plan and investigation prior to entering.”

The abilities ‘Sneak’ and ‘Search’ are the special skills of people who had put in a lot of training in the shadows, for example like the professions ‘Nightingale’ and ‘Hunter’. As a warrior, Brendel did not understand their capabilities too well, but he had partied with these players before and finished missions together. His experience alone would have triumphed over the entire militia’s experience here.

Freya still disagreed. She understood his words, but Brendel’s injuries were too grave in her eyes.

“Tell us what we should do and please leave it to us.”

Brendel was not surprised at Freya’s refusal. He broke into a wide grin with his canines showing when he knew he had to rely on his usual method of persuasion. Something that could only belonged to a warrior’s wisdom.



“Give me your sword.” He held his palm open.

“Here, Brendel.” Romaine took her sword with both hands and passed it confidently to him.

“My thanks.”

Brendel took the sword and breathed in deeply to adjust his mindset to his peak condition.

He had a feeble status because his HP was below 40%, and the poison in his body took away another 20% of his strength. He could only use 0.6 OZ now.

The rough equivalent of a fourteen year old youth.

“There isn’t much time left, so to prove that I have the ability to take part in this expedition, let us use an ancient method to decide matters.” He pulled the sword from its sheath. “A conversation between fighters.”

Our protagonist surveyed his surroundings. Everyone seemed to take on an expression that they had somehow misheard Brendel. Mother Marsha, Freya was the undisputed number one swords-fighter in this squadron, even Irene was defeated by her.

‘This bro over here, do you really know how badly injured you are right now?’ This question sprung up from their minds at the same time.

“Brendel, stop fooling around.” Freya was starting to get angry. She had quite the confidence in her skill in using the sword, did Brendel really think himself akin to a veteran who had survived the November war, to able to defeat her under his current condition?

Brendel did not say anything else, but took on a posture that said ‘En garde!’.

The ponytail girl nearly blew her fuse. She had thought that he should have known his limits by now, but things were not going the way how she expected them to. She clenched her fists and decided to te

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