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Three pronged approach.

Brendel’s mind quickly spun. He thought if he had some form of scouting skill available, like ‘Eagle-eye’ or ‘precognition’ or other related skills, he could persuade them. As his mind went through the possibilities, he suddenly thought of another way.

[Of course! That will work too!]

He wiped his sweaty palms again and relaxed.

“Right now the River of Daggers is in a state where it’s nearly unprotected. In the worst case, there’s only one squadron of undead defending there, so why not break through that area?”

Everyone’s initial response was almost the same.

“What, is that true?”

“How’s that possible?”

“How did you know this?”

Brendel raised his hand to silence them: “Bretton, do you recall that your guards found a half-broken statue in the green village?”

“The statue that looks like a devil, heavy and frightening, yes.” Bretton suddenly recalled a report from Zeta and Ryan. They had found it in the underground passage in a ruined shrine. They said they found signs of a knight, and the guards expanded their search for him before finding the statue.

Brendel took the small black statue from his pocket: “That’s called a gargoyle. I think even you have heard of it. This is a war unit of Bucce’s, and wizards control these gargoyles using this thing here.”

He laid it flat on his palm and raised his arm for everyone to see clearly. The young guards that participated in the Green village’s search quickly recognized that it looked exactly like the statue.

“Wait, you mean to say you can control that thing?”

“Can it still move?”

“That thing has wings, can it fly?” The scout, Zeta, asked Brendel from the back.

“Yes, and it can fly as fast as a dragon. The army position for this unit is similar to our own kingdom’s flying dragon riders. It is the best scout in the battlefield, and I used it to avoid the majority of the undead when the militia and I went to the Green village.”

“During yesterday’s morning, I discovered that the Madara’s army in the north had stalled in their progress. There were at least three companies that stayed in Verbin as they did not lock down the northern shores in time. They had problems in their cooperation over there, and the undead armies in front of us have not discovered their mistake yet.” (TL: In case anyone forgot, a company in army size = 80 to 250 soldiers according to wikipedia.)

“Unfortunately, the gargoyle that I sent out was discovered by the undead patrols and damaged as a result. When I ordered it back, it landed in the Green village.”

Freya suddenly responded when Brendel finished explaining.

“So that’s the reason. Brendel, when you said you had something to do, it was this? No wonder you always managed to lead us away from danger and wanted to go to the green village with your injuries. If you wanted to repair that thing, why don’t you just tell us?”

Before Brendel could say anything, the future Goddess of Wa

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