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Bucce’s guards

Brendel dodged sideways and allowed the skeleton to pass by him. He had nearly forgotten about the skeleton in the ‘Room of Solitude’. But he was no longer injured like before and his hand was already on the sword’s hilt.

A flash of light streaked across the passageway as the body of the ‘Thorn of Light’ glimmered with white light. The skeleton’s upper body flew into the air. Brendel watched the remaining bones gradually turn into dust. The ‘Thorn of Light’ was indeed a Holy sword as it even had a ‘Purification’ effect.

One golden light entered into Brendel’s chest.

Weapons with the ‘Purification’ effect did double damage to undead, which was no wonder why Brendel did not feel any resistance when he cleaved the skeleton into two. It was like a hot knife cutting through butter.

[A divine weapon.]

Brendel instantly graded this sword. Well, although it was not really one, it was just as good under his current situation.

But he was very worried about Freya and Irene’s safety, so he immediately kicked away the lower body and ran outside. His 2 OZ worth of agility could finally be used without any problems and it showed off his true speed. His strength, agility and physique crossed 2 OZ, and he ran like a speeding truck.

Brendel traced his original route back, and the dark passageway twists and turns did not cause him any obstructions at all. He jumped out from the shrine’s destroyed wall, and his powerful lifeforce immediately attracted the nearby wandering undead. Two skeletons walked over to him with clacking sounds, but what awaited them were two silver flashes of light.

Two XP instantly went into Brendel’s chest. He looked over to the direction of the farmhouse, his pupils dilating when he discovered that there were flames from the building igniting the night sky.

And in his line of sight, hundreds of skeletons were starting to surround the building. He knew that these undead with low intelligence would not act on their own, which meant there was a necromancer nearby who had discovered something.

“Freya, Irene!” Brendel’s heart dropped like a rock. But when he was prepared to rush over there, he heard a cold and shrilling voice behind him:

“There’s a human over there, kill him!”

Brendel looked back from his shoulder, and discovered a necromancer commanding six skeletons that formed into a line advancing towards him.

The necromancer raised the staff in its hand.

But Brendel reacted and moved faster than him. His ‘Charge’ skill instantly activated and lunged at it so swiftly that he appeared to be like a blurry shadow. “Stop him!” The necromancer was startled and shrieked loudly.

The first skeleton soldier raised its sword, but Brendel’s cold eyes appeared before him. A voice yelled out in his mind clearly, and it was as if the feelings of the original owner of this body had been poured into it:

“You Madara fuckers, you are all going to burn into ashes!”

He did

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