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Before the assault

Brendel looked at the steep slope that was shaped like a knife, then turned back to Romaine and let her wear the Ring of Spiderweb. He realized that her perception was surprisingly high, and letting her wear this ring would increase her ability.

Romaine had spied on the beautiful ring with black and white patterns for a long time, and was naturally happy to receive it. But she still asked curiously: “Is this a magic ring too, Brendel?”

“Mmm. It allows you to hear better. So pay attention and if there is any commotions, inform Freya. I’ll be back very soon.”

In this valley, there were another monster besides the Golden Demonic Tree that was of considerable danger, a Rock Wurm. It was a rare elite that came from the side effects of the mana imbalance. During the first time it appeared in the game, Brendel nearly ended up being defeated by it.

“There are other enemies?” Both of them spoke at the same time.

“There might be, doesn’t it pay to be careful?” He did not want to act like a clarvoyant as it was not going to be easy to explain things in the future if he chose that path, so he chose to answer in vague manner.

But Freya nodded understandingly and tightened her grip on the longsword and guarded Romaine.

“I’ll protect her, but come back quickly.”

“Erm?” He looked at her in surprise.

[When did this silly girl became so cooperative?]

He was a little flustered, but it did not look like some conspiracy, so he put down his backpack hesitatingly and took out a rope and hook. He looked at the girls again, before carefully climbing out.

“Freya, is Brendel going to be alright alone?” Romaine whispered and asked.

“He has his own plans and we can’t help him with it. It will be enough if we don’t let him worry over here.”


Freya swayed her ponytail, her bright eyes showed a serious expression. She was not admitting defeat, but felt that her current strength could only do so much. She had earnestly reflected on herself, and she had to have high expectations of herself as a leader of a squadron.

She exhaled slowly and brought her sword close to her chest. She was determined.

On the other side, Brendel advanced on the steep slope by using the rope. He was still tens of meters away from a certain gap in the wall. He breathed in deeply and glanced behind his back. It was fortunate the Golden Demonic Tree and its guards rely on sound and mana to discover their targets, otherwise he was completely open at his position.

He grabbed onto a protruding rock, and the sand trickled from the rock’s surface. The tiny sound did not count for much, but he was worried that it would escalate into something bigger, and he tried to limit his actions as quietly as possible.

[30 meters more. it will soon be over.]

There was no soul gem that dropped along the way, but Brendel knew he still had one more chance. There was a treasure in the gap— no, claiming it as a treasure wa

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