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“The Half Plate of the Wind Empress!?”

Brendel opened the heavy bag and took a look inside. He rubbed his temples after finding the copper colored armor tucked neatly in it.

[It’s no wonder then… It’s no wonder why the mature Rotten Beast could not drag Freya away. This armor was protecting her.]

“Why didn’t you wear this?”

“The armor shone with light the last time I wore it, and I was afraid Madara’s undead would see me. I wanted to wait for daytime when it a little brighter…..”


“It’s a a green color light that wraps around the armor sigils.”

“That’s called the ‘Wind’s Feathers’, it’s not light.” Brendel sighed when he saw her looking puzzledly at himself. This was the most basic knowledge in the game, so he did not expect Freya not to know it at all. He could only pick up the armor and explain it to her.

The Half Plate of the Wind Empress was the product of the blacksmith Saint Orso. Just like his ring, the armor had the sigil of the Wind Empress, but these items had their own additional trademark from the creators. For example the true Ring of The Wind Empress were made by the druids, while Saint Orso placed his own kingdom’s emblem on the armor.

Brendel’s ring was a replica and might have been made from a human wizard. Strange, even if it was a replica, Brendel’s grandfather should not have owned this particular equipment. He was unable to gather any useful information from his memories, so he stopped thinking about it. If he was to look at it as a gamer, then this might be a hidden mission, but that would also have to done later when he was able to find that lame merchant in the Black Pepper Street.

On the other hand, this armor plate definitely came from Elven hands. This was an equipment specifically made for the Elven guards by the Elves; but ever since the ‘Year of the Returning Light’, there were hundreds of such armor plates that were brought into various kingdoms, so they were not particularly valuable.

In the game’s equivalent, it was a 15 OZ equipment.

The ‘Wind’s Feathers’ was added onto the the armor’s Wind Empress sigils. It was a type of magic that reduces incoming force, or the game equivalent of ‘reduce incoming damage’. Plant creatures were particularly affected by this type of magic, so it was not a surprise that the mature Rotten Beast had their strength sealed to a significant degree.

The thing that Freya did not know was the light that came from ‘Wind’s Feathers’ could only be seen if it activated against enemies’ attacks.

Freya felt incredibly embarrassed as Brendel explained. She felt like she was a country bumpkin and made a laughing stock out of herself. Her head kept lowering until she finally grumbled in a tiny voice: “Why didn’t tell me this earlier?”

[Am I a mind reader? A telepath? Or Mother Marsha?] Brendel refuted in his mind.

But he understood that he had subconsciously treated many things like it was common knowledge and caus

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