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Elite Rotten Beast

“You’re going to scold me right, Brendel?”

“No, just quickly come over. Be careful.”

Brendel felt frustrated and funny over Romaine’s careful steps. But when he looked up, there were three other young Rotten Beasts occupying the boulder he and Romaine were at earlier.

He then surveyed his surroundings, and found they had became the shrubbery monsters’ targets after the undead squadron was annhilated. It was especially true when the merchant girl still held the shimmering Thorn of Light, and it was almost like a candle’s flame in the darkness, attracting the servants of the Golden Tree.

Brendel could almost hear the Golden Demon Tree roaring for its thirst of mana in his mind. They had to leave this place before as they even might even encounter Demonic Creatures, the personal guards of the Golden Demon Tree. He turned back to Freya.

“How about it, you can you still go on?”

Freya nodded.

“Then we will be going up from the other side, take your sword and be careful.” He said as he passed the girl’s sword back over. Even though the Rotten Beasts occupied the high grounds where they were originally were, there were none of these shrubbery monsters in the opposite direction.

These plant creatures’ speed were not very fast, and their speed in moving across the intersecting boulders were only as fast as normal humans. Their main advantages were their numbers, familiarity with the land, high physique and resilience. But he had to find a way to escape them.

Freya brought her bloody hands onto the steep slope and the pain made her flinch, but she gritted her teeth and tore her sleeves to get makeshift bandages and wrapped them around her hands. She then continued to climb up the sharp rocks.

Brendel felt sorry and admiration when he saw this scene. However, there was not much time left and he quickly took back the Thorn of Light back from Romaine and let her climb up first. When he looked back, there were already two Rotten Beast below them that were on the move.

“Brendel, hurry up!” Romaine said.

Freya’s face was pale from the anxiety and stretched out her hand towards him. But he did not have the time to reply to them. The two Rotten Beasts had half stood up and hissed threateningly at the youth.

From a certain viewpoint, these Rotten Beasts did not count as intelligent life, and were purely the puppets of the Golden Demon Tree.

Brendel swung his sword horizontally, and the flash of light cutting through the darkness made them retreat slightly. He wanted to grab Freya’s hand with this slight opening, but they immediately charged forward with a low roar.

[You really are seeking death!]

Brendel became furious and used his high agility to jump up, flew across in mid-air and used the Rotten Beasts’ heads as a foothold and swiveled, his upper body already in the best position for an attack.

A horizontal slash.


Freya uttered in surprise, finally knowing h

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