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Aftermath of the battle.

420 XP.

The golden lights gathered in mid air to form a stream that steadily flowed into Brendel’s body. As he looked at the ruined battlefield, he sat down weakly on a boulder.

[That was a Level 22 monster. Even if I add in my militia and commoner level, I’m only level 6. Crossing a difference of 14 levels, even I’m back in my world playing the game, I wouldn’t do something as crazy as this.]

He would not have done this if he had the chance. His original plan was to lure that monster to the area below the boulder, wait till Freya was done with her task, until she was able come over to fight together and find a chance to escape. Yet this chance was almost non-existent, and very few people in the game would attempt something like this.

He did not feel that it was a big deal when he decided to go ahead with this plan, but now that the battle was over and he had the time to reflect on it, his back was drenched in cold sweat. He used his utmost effort to calmly reply some of the girls’ questions in order not to make them worry, but he knew clearly what sort of situation it really was.

He felt he had exhausted all his bravery, but he did not realize that people matured in such strenuous circumstances. Freya was also another person who changed. She was only a simple militia a few days ago, but she had became a decisive person now.

He slowly calmed down. This battle was an incredible reward to him at the eleventh hour. He needed to level up to level 5 so he could unlock the second class skill.

[Level 4 requires 70 XP, level 5, 130 XP, level 6 220 XP.]

Mercenary Level 4 (0.3 Strength, 0.2 Physique, 0.2 Agility, 0.1 Perception)

Mercenary Level 5 (0.3 Strength, 0.3 Physique, 0.2 Agility, 0.1 Willpower)

Mercenary Level 6 (0.4 Strength, 0.3 Physique, 0.2 Agility, 0.2 Perception)

When he leveled up, the character window reflected the changes as it displayed in his eyes. His current stats that are of importance:

2.5 > 3.5 Strength

2.3 > 2.9 Agility

2.4 > 3.2 Physique

[My stats are three times a normal person, and my Absolute Power Rating is 25 times above them. Just based on my stats alone, I can even handle the entire Bucce militia all by myself. And if I factor my own experience into the mix, I should be able to handle ten of the guards. I definitely got the status of Grade 1 Rank.]

If Bretton got onto a battle horse he would barely reach the Grade 1 Rank, and Marden already considered him as a genius. He was only twenty years old and with his talent he might become a Centurion Knight, and from certain point of views, he was considered as someone of important value to the country.

And Brendel was younger than him by a year.

Nearly half of the entire continent would not be able to reach Grade 1 their entire life, and only one out of ten could accomplish it before the age of twenty.

[Not enough. Many babies who receive the baptization at the Holy Cathedra

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