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The tomb of Gerald

Things were a little different compared to Freya’s route. Sneaking into the farmhouse was aided with the cover of the trees, while Brendel had to move to the patch of short trees under the skeleton soldiers’ watchful eyes.

He had to take a risk here but there was also no need have additional risk by going in early. He decided to only act after the sky turned darker. Even though the undead was able to perceive the life force, their range was limited during the night time.

Meanwhile, Brendel studied the patterns of the skeletons patrolling the area. He quickly found there was a gap between the two squadrons. When the two intersected with each other, he was able to move forward safely for approximately ten seconds.

He looked at the area in front of him and estimated he was about twenty meters away from his destination. Even though he had 2 OZ worth of agility, he was definitely unable to able to run forty meters to and fro and dig up the key that was under the tree. He also had the attribute of being weakened too, and it seemed like an impossible task.

He decided to make a new strategy instead.

The sky rapidly darkened.

It was time to act. His heart pulsed rapidly and strongly from the tension in the darkness.

He was using his life as a token to play this game, and was there anything more exciting than a game with death as punishment?

He held his breath and counted fourteen steps from the skeletons. This was the time that the two squadrons intersected, and he threw his sword to the direction of the short trees.

This was the first step.

The sword was thrown over to a patch of piled leaves, and caused a slight rustle when it hit the leaves. Brendel waited anxiously for a long time, and he relaxed when the two squadrons intersected for the second time.

The next step was the most important one. Brendel counted again, until the two squadrons intersected for the third time. He drew a deep breath sharply and rushed out. His mind was void of any thoughts and he blanked his fear and tension out. The only thing that he had in his mind was speed, more speed.

Three seconds.

Brendel reached his destination and exhaled slowly. He knelt down, parted the leaves, took his sword and started digging. But his efficiency in digging up the soil was worse than what he expected. He dug as he counted in his heart.

Six seconds.

He had prepared an extra second for himself. He left his sword and started running back, the surroundings around him passing by him in a frantic blur. He dove in the bushes and stopped there, feeling like his heart was going to stop any time.

The skeleton soldiers intersected for the fourth time, and did not discover his presence. Brendel breathed in deeply again. He felt that this tension had started to turn his limbs into jelly, but the adrenaline rush made him incredibly excited.

He continued to wait for his second chance. Brendel had calmed down greatly wh

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