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Surpass me

Brendel’s mind was greatly shaken. It was his biggest secret in this world. Even though the old and new Brendel had merged together, it was hard for him to explain how the two memories merged together. Even he willed himself to accept everything, there was still a subconscious barrier remaining in him.

[This secret that I wanted to keep locked inside my heart was actually ripped out at the very first moment by the Golden Demonic Tree… No—]

He immediately shook his head. It was impossible for The Golden Demonic Tree to break it open so quickly. That creature must be using the way how he thinks—– Why would Brendel’s grandfather say something like that?

He suddenly understood that he himself would have thought this old man would say something like this.

[I am my own enemy here. The things that I fear and hidden away in my subconscious are reflected on Brendel’s grandfather.]

He shut his eyes and took a deep breath. After realizing that his deepest thoughts in his mind were not revealed yet, the feeling that his defenses were completely exposed to the enemy disappeared, and he calmed down quickly. He had deflected this first attack made by the Golden Demonic Tree by chance, and his current mentality actually stabilized. He gulped and cried inwardly that he was lucky.

He pulled out the ‘Thorn of Light’, answering the old man: “We would know whether I have the qualifications once we crossed swords.”

The old man nodded: “Very good. You sound like a Damon man. But there are many people in this world who brag too much, and I don’t want to see my descendent to be a useless fool.”

Brendel’s mind responded. This was not a test. His grandfather’s reaction was a reflection of his own confidence. This meant this his will was gradually recovering to its peak condition.

[This is a good sign.]

He indicated for his grandfather to make the first move. Even if it was within a dream, the opponent was someone that was his senior. Being polite showed off his confidence, and so he did it.

Within this dream world, the person who made the first move did not represent that he would gain the upper hand. It was possible that it was a trap arranged by the malicious creature. Only by guarding the weaknesses tightly would deny him the chance to invade the mind.

The old man nodded again and he shifted his left foot forward, and the sword on his left shoulder. This was the highest form within the Military Swordsmanship. When Brendel saw that, his forehead went numb.

[Even back in the game I did not train my swordsmanship to this level, who the bloody heck was your grandfather!]

This thought pass through his mind for just a flash, and he felt the sword in his arm become a little heavier. He yelled expletives in his mind, this slight gap actually got caught by the Golden Demonic Tree.

[Are you fucking serious!]

He went into a defensive stance. Because he did not have any other sword techniques with leve

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