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Withered trees

The deeper they went into the mountain pathway, the more desolate the scenery became. There was nearly no vegetation on the ground, and the path that was void of life was filled with intersecting rocks that appeared like sharp fangs.

Wilted brambles and grass had grown from within the cracks of the walls. Withered trees seemed to manifest themselves in the distant darkness. The cold wind could be heard blowing through tree branches like ghastly whispers.

Brendel knew that Demonic Trees drained the nutrients from the soil and turned into this to a barren wilderness that people came to know about. He raised his torch, and there were occasional decrepit skeletons that appeared in the shadows. They appeared to be animals like mountain goats which had accidentally barged into this forbidden area, and turned into the Demonic Trees’ food.

Romaine nimbly followed behind with her torch raised with one hand, while she gripped her bag with the other and looked everywhere with curiosity and tension. This was the first time that she traveled this far away from her home, and she felt like she was beginning to fulfill a merchant’s dream. The difficulty, excitement and the endless wealth and treasures awaited her, just like how this dream nurtured the numerous other merchants and adventurers in this continent.

She even had a sense of security by following Brendel.

The two sources of light passed through the narrow valley. Brendel’s hand was placed over his sword’s hilt. Once he passed through this area in the game, he would have entered a den of monsters of a certain type called the Rotting Beasts.

The Golden Demonic Tree was a terrifying creature. It was a variant of the Golden Trees, and its former body was most likely the Holy Elven Tree. However, ‘The Tree Shepherd’ who belong to one the great evil cults, implanted the tree with the ‘Blood of Gods’ and turned it into a Golden Tree.

In this chaotic world, darkness thrived where civilization’s fire was unable to reach, and not only did the undead exist, there were regions where leaders found their own evil cults. In the game, evil disciples followed the footsteps of ‘The Tree Shepherd’ and did surreptitious things. There were signs of their actions everywhere, letting people know of their existence, but no one knew what their motives were.

Even Brendel was no exception.

The Golden Demon Tree had two abilities. The first was to turn plants into living creatures. It was able to turn shrubberies into monsters in the form of humans, and they were called Rotting Beasts. These Rotting Beasts were the scouts of the Golden Demon Tree which populate every area of this narrow valley.

A single Rotten Beast in the game was level 7, and their strength was roughly the equivalent of the guards that Brendel saw, but their intelligence was considered low. Veteran ranked Rotten beasts were over level 13, and this Grade 1 Rank was a difficult opponent for him.


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