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Sophie’s plan was this.

If he did not recall wrongly, the current Bucce’s guards was the famous Marden, a soldier who had participated the November war like his grandfather did.

Sophie knew him because he was the NPC in-game who taught travelers the ‘Exploration’ skill.

But the true reason why this old soldier was famous because he committed an egregious error as the guard’s leader. He had erroneously guessed the intention of the Madara’s army. He believed that Madara was trying to bring about the usual skirmishes in the past, and he evacuated the Bucce’s citizens. He originally had one chance to counter attack and be able to defeat the undead army’s vanguard. He could then retreat without casualties.

Sadly, he did not take this opportunity.

He could have become the hero of this kingdom, but instead entered into a path of darkness at the very end. Sophie was full of lament and curiosity over a person like him.

He lamented over the conclusion of his encounter, and curious over how he discovered the Madara’s undead army in advance. If one should know that this was the only visible change in the Grinoires region.

“Was it out of his own personal gain?” An impossible notion suddenly sprang out of Sophie’s mind.

But he threw out that ridiculous idea the next moment.

He needed to change history now and had to think of a way to warn them. Fire was a sign of invasion and was a warning in the army’s regulation. He could only hope that they understood.

The banging continued outside the door, and every second was steeped with a tense atmosphere.

“Brendel, they are coming in now!” Romain gripped the masonry hammer tightly with both of her hands. She stared at the door with creased brows.

Sophie did not had the time to think about them, but upon hearing the merchant girl he glanced back at the door. They would be dead if the undead skeleton army rushed in.

Crashing sounds emitted from the door as sharp swords hacked in and out. The Madara’s swords gleamed like they were the fangs of a beast.

Something knocked against the door violently with a huge crashing sound, while dust clouds slowly fell from the ceiling.

The wooden groaned as cracks widened quickly on it.

“Calm down, calm down, just continue treating like a game. Sophie, remember what missions you had done, this is merely one of them……”

He breathed deeply to regain his composure. He tied a cloth that was steeped in oil around a bundle of straws and firewood, then tied it with a string. He did this procedure with ease. The creation of a torch was the most basic task in the game, and even easier than using a skill.

He even knew this would only last around five minutes as he created this in the Nogan and Hein’s underground passages.

But the remaining time given to him was dwindling, and soon enough another violent smash struck at the door, causing the hinges to break and rattle loudly. The dust flew sharply and hovered everywhere.

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