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“Brendel, Brendel?”

Romain poked his arm at his side while Sophie was immersed in checking his stats.

Only 1.0 Energy Level in strength? He could not resist cursing the NPC’s uselessness. Even a skeleton has 1.5 strength!

All the representation units for the stats are in OZ, the simplification for the ancient word Oauth, also known as Energy Level. 1 OZ in strength would allow one to raise about 50 KG worth of weight, and the punching strength will not surpass 150 KG. This was roughly the equivalent of an adult’s strength.

Even the players’ basic stats in the game are 2 OZ in Strength, Agility and Physique, while Intelligence, Will and Perception were 1.5 OZ. They were about two times the stats of a normal person, and the Overall power rating was 5 which meant that they would have no problems facing off against 5 normal people. (TL: Science weeps over your logic there…)

Brendel was even a civilian soldier who trained several months. Even if the players had the ‘Hero’ stats, it should not as ridiculous as this where the stats are this far apart right?

To think he even mocked the players’ titles as ‘Heroes’ for having the combat strength of two skeletons. But when he switched to Brendel’s point of view, he realized that the players were really the main characters molded in the hero form.

When he thought about how he was not able to even beat a skeleton, he fell into a state of sadness.

Brendel stroked his arm, but the faint green numbers still remained in his retinas. He discovered there was still a difference from this world and the world that he knew. In the game a bandage would restore 1 HP per minute, and the civilian’s 6 HP would only require six minutes to be replenished like before, but it needed a few days here.

This was a bad sign.

Fortunately the method to use the skill sets were one and the same. If he thought about the ‘Basic Knowledge’, it would bring up the common things regarding this world. If he thought about the ‘Military Organization’ he was able to gather information about Aouine’s army structure.

Even though there was also some slight differences, the information seemed to directly exist inside his real memories and not from a system. For example, his skills in the sword. He could clearly feel that his techniques were accumulated from several months of training. The form on where to strike, the position to place his body weight in, where his eyes should look at, and how to perform feints and strikes based on the enemies’ own form.

The game would display the approximate paths as to where the sword should be swung at, and automatically aided and corrected the angle. But in this world, it was sufficient if he possessed the skill sets as he was automatically able to utilize them subconsciously.

Even though the veteran gamers have their own insight to attacking, they still needed the system, so you would not be able to find these gaming otaku become a swordsman or martial artist.

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