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The person in the dream

“Warning: Severe hemorrhaging, Imminent death.”

“Warning: Heart function deteriorating, Imminent death.”

When Sophie woke up, his mind was still reverberating with the loud warning sounds after that dire battle. It was a sound like a saber cutting across his mind again and again, causing him to have a splitting headache. (TL: Yes, Sophie is male. Don’t look at me, that’s the author’s choice.)

That’s right, he remembered he should be in a game with his friends from ‘The godly force’ defending the Orrgesh mountainous region against the Madara’s undead army. The ashen skies were howling with the freezing winds, and uncountable shadow creatures were streaming down from the dagger-like mountain peaks. The forces were without end in sight as if they were a black tidal wave. The huge army were comprised of thousands of skeleton, and there necromancers hidden within them, as well as skeleton dragons and blood curling wraiths circling in the sky.

Surround on all fronts, they were definitely doomed.

His first reaction was to curse in his heart, that bunch of twat bastards from ‘The flaming thorns’, never mind their incompetence, they even had to dragged their allies down by allowing the enemies to surround their rear, this was fucking horseshit!

He then finally had the heart to check his status. It was a delightful surprise to find that he did not die, as the Madara army tended not to leave anyone alive. But he immediately creased his forehead. His injuries were a little too ridiculous. Not only did his heart dealt a fatal blow, he even had carrion poisoning.

Wait, carrion poisoning?

Did he not already complete the mission to gain the ‘Pristine physique’? Why would a body from the Silver descendants get affected by this low grade dark status? Bug? What the heck are you doing, devs?

He did not have too much time to question this point, the youth coughed weakly and lifted himself up from the grey dirty floor. He thought that it was a small matter to be afflicted from the weaken status, and it was enough to find a priest to get rid of it. The urgent thing is to stop the bleeding before he dies. Even though he was not an elite gamer, but he was certainly a veteran and he understood the situation just by checking things out.

Sophie groaned once and pulled off the skeleton which only had half of its body left and pinning his body. These low level soldiers were like air to him. Come to think of it, this was already the forty-fourth year into the second era, and Madara was still conjuring up these low leveled grunts. Other then wasting soul magic, they were completely useless. Just as expected the undead wizards’ brains from Ogador were affected by the negative energy and rotted away. None of them know what change is.

He even had the mood to complain, but he realized in an instant he actually had trouble pushing the skeleton away. Just as expected, the punishment from having a weakened status

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