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The battle against the necromancer

A lower ranked necromancer was well versed in two different magic, shadows and debilitating spells.

In the game, black magic was brought about the Miirna race. They were the servants of the twilight dragon, and had lived in the icy plains of northern Kirrlutz a century before the Era of Chaos.

The Miirna shamans were well versed in spirit and dark shamanic spells. These spells later on, along with all unnatural spells that affected the mind or attacked the body, were classified into black magic.

After the holy crusade, the King of Fire, Gatel, drove these citizens of darkness into the cold north, and it was said from then on no one ever saw them again.

But the Miirna definitely existed. In the Bible of Darkness, the black magic had been passed down to the Shadow Lords of Madara from these demonic race.

But to call the shadow spells as Black Magic was a little undeserving of the name. It was merely a type of magic to aid in concealment, and the spells used were able to cover the tracks of a small squad of undead troops.

The skeleton soldiers were not invisible or vanished into thin air, but a mere trick to hide them under the dark shadows.

It definitely did not make their sounds, scents or other sensory senses other than sight disappear. It was also limited to a certain radius.

During the dark night, these spells naturally became the best cover for Madara’s undead troops, and it was the main reason why Madara’s army had chosen to only move during the night time in history.

As for the debilitating spells, Freya and the other militia had already experienced this frightening black magic at the Pine forest.

The evil assault spells were necromancers’ primary means of attacking, which relied on negative energy to invade the minds of the enemies. The stronger the negative energy from the enemies, the weaker their wills were, the more damage the spells would do.

Until the enemies’ deaths.

The debilitating spells were similiar to various other black magic that relied on negative emotions to cause damage.

With such mysterious black magic at the necromancer’s fingertips, with its cunning and deceptive nature, leading skeleton soldiers that were stronger than the average human, it appeared as if the necromancer was an enemy that was exceedingly difficult to defeat.

But Sophie knew their secret. Necromancers did not have the ability to cast magic. Its true source of power came from the bone staffs in their hands. The bone staff was a powerful magic artifact that belonged to its own individual owner, and once it left their hands, it would become an ordinary stick.

With this knowledge at hand, Sophie prepared a strategy to defeat the necromancer.

Following the next defeated skeleton soldier under Sophie’s supervision, the strongest sword fighters, Freya and Irena marched towards the necromancer on both sides.

“Attack its hand! The dark shamanic spells are

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