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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter33


TL: Reminder that there will only be one TAS chapter this week. Next week’s update depends on how much progress I make on the group project, otherwise it will also be 1 TAS chapter.

TL: There probably won’t be too many cliffhanger chapters but more chapters of Brendel vs nobles politics, I think. He’s a fake noble after all, I’m intrigued to see how’s he going to get a land out from nowhere, lol.

Anyway, thanks for the community help for Engrish checks again (Cough)

Chapter 33 – The Red Bronze Dragon, Leto

After the three of them left Tulman’s home in the Forest of Needles, Batum finally could not hold back his curiosity and asked Brendel timidly: “My lord, do your elders know that Lord Wizard?”

The youth glanced at him and gave a smile, but he did not reply.

Batum looked at him in confusion, not knowing what Brendel meant by his smile. Even though this knight had led them to carve out a blood road from the Madara undead army which him incredibly impressed, he felt that Brendel did not act like a proper noble from the interactions he had with him every day.

Despite the fact that the youth had said he would inherit a land, Batum did not truly believe in his words fully, feeling that nobles tend to exaggerate what they had. Still, he decided to follow him because he still believed in the youth’s capabilities.

But after witnessing the interactions between the elderly wizard and the youth, he firmly believed in him now.

[This young knight must have a powerful background, one that is unique amongst the influential families. Normal nobles would not have anything to do with these wizards of high authority, and their lineage might not even need to lower themselves even before the king.]

Batum scratched his head as he looked at Brendel who was in front.

The third morning, Brendel and his group finally reached Bruglas—

Bruglas could be seen as the heart of Grinoires’s southern area. The city was built along the slopes of Grey Eagle Hills along the eastern side of the Pine River, and buildings were distributed on the upper and lower hills.

The city was surrounded by concentric white walls, with each wall higher than the first, and rural villagers sometimes called Bruglas as the White City.

Under a clear sky, travellers from Ankries and Dragos were able to see the shining rooftops decorating the streets lined along the hill.

It was certainly a breathtaking sight, and represented a prosperous civilization.

While it was not considered a large city, there were thirty-five thousand people tightly packed in it, and probably the most densely populated areas in the Grinoires area.

The city also had many facilities and workshop situated in the Black Pine Avenue, where constant carriages and mules carrying heavy goods passing by all the time. Travelers from other cities could be seen haggling from the merchants as well.


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