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Lion heart

“These words are not actually meant for you, but I believe that you can do it.” Ebdon was silent for a moment, before it raised its head up to look at the youth.

Brendel was silent as he grabbed the reins with one hand. He hesitated to reply.

Ebdon immediately guessed that he did not believe in the words it had just said, but it did not seem to mind. He merely knelt on his right knee, straightened up his chest and placed his sword into before him with both gloves on the hilt.

“The king slumbers within the valley when the twin moons can be seen. The Evergreen Winter Tree shadow points to the northwest where gathered stars fade away as the dawn lowers her authority—”

Brendel’s expression did not change after he heard the words. He rode past Ebdon before turning back to him again. There were many riddles like this in the game.

[I was never good at solving at all these puzzles. The twin moon probably references the two moons that appear together under Vaunte’s sky. The king slumbers in the valley… The grave of the Holy Saint? But it might be some random Aouine King.]

Brendel’s brows furrowed a little.

[The Evergreen Winter Tree points to the northwest… Aouine doesn’t seem to have this variety of tree, does this mean it’s a metaphor for something? Or a noble’s symbol? The meaning of the Evergreen Winter Tree means saintly, but there are numerous Houses in Aouine that have the symbol of the Evergreen Winter Tree leaves. As for the remaining two sentences… I don’t have a clue at all.]

Ebdon intentionally gave Brendel time, once it saw that Brendel was looking at him again, he continued speaking: “The two-faced statue did not speak or utter, has it forgotten the Holy Oath? The emerald lake in the pure white mountain, lies a sword amongst swords buried in rocks.”

“Hold on!” Brendel suddenly interrupted Ebdon. He suddenly felt a strange excitement within him.

[Sword amongst swords?! The genuine Lion Heart? That’s the sword of that was passed down generation to generation from Aouine’s first king, ‘The Kind Erik’.]

The Lion Heart was the symbol of the Lion Dynasty, as well as one of the four Kirrlutz’s holy weapon. When Erik brought it out from the Kirrlutz Empire, it became Aouine’s royal family symbol. But hardly anyone knew the real Lion Heart had been lost in Aouine’s internal civil war a long time ago. The kings who passed down this sword from that point onwards is nothing more than a fake. There were very few people who knew this secret, and there was most likely going to be chaos if this secret ever got revealed.

Brendel only knew about this after Aouine’s demise happened.

[If Ebdon is really speaking about the true Lion Heart, then the later half of the riddle makes sense. The Holy Oath probably referred to Erik’s Oath as a Holy Saint Knight, to rebel and lead the Empire’s citizens away from the arrogant and greedy nobles. He had made a strong rebellion, and that was where the ‘Kin

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