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Master of the Mithril Fort, Tulman

In the Amber Sword, there had been a long standing rumor in the forums. A hidden sage that had a level of hundred and twenty was residing in the Needle Forest between Bruglas and Ankries. It was only a long period into the game before a player finally discovered that legendary figure.

[Austein Tulman. Master of the Mithril Fort. Grand sage, as well as an intermediate wizard. The Silver leader of the Twelve Circles magic association. After the association disbanded, he left the air city Kanogi and retired in the Needle Forest. Users tried to garner goodwill from him and found that they could get the sub profession Sage from him, but the majority of them chose to pay a little money and get the profession from Bruglas’s library for nobles.]

Brendel did not know if there was any additional side quests or secrets from him as no users mentioned that they did. However, regardless of whether they succeeded or not, he was about to try out personally now.

[There’s no harm in trying anyway. I personally think it strange that a level 120 titled sage only offered a profession as a reward. Since I didn’t try it out in the game, I’ll do it now. If there’s a shortcut to success, I’ll definitely take it.]

He found from Batum that Tulman did not live in the village, but a short distance away on a hill. Due to his small error, Batum took the entire morning before finding out the correct place.

[That’s a pretty big blunder that I made.]

The four of them slowly made their way to the Sage’s house. The path from Ankries to Bruglas was considerably used, so they did not see a rustic scenery like Bucce’s region had.

Every short distance or so, they found wooden fences line in a row, with fallen leaves covering the gravels. It was a place that made people relax, and Freya lost herself in the beautiful forest, while Romaine followed from behind and scampered everywhere, finding this place to be very interesting.

It was only Brendel who saw enough of this scenery to be irritated after walking for nearly an hour. He asked Batum who was in front of him: “Batum, are you certain that the person I’m looking for is living in this area?”

Batum wiped the sweat off from his face while he took down his hat. “I’m certain of that, my lord. If you’re looking for an old man with a long white beard and long grey robes, there’s only one person in this area. Please be assured of Batum’s search.”

Brendel nodded.

He mostly trusted in Batum. The mercenary had done a reasonable job in his tasks, and he had listened carefully to his orders without much issues.

Batum also found that Brendel had given him tasks within a mercenary’s capacity and did not overestimate his abilities, and the former was impressed with his leader’s eye for men.

The only thing that he did not understand was the relationship between his wizard squire and Brendel. The youth named Ciel kept appearing and disappearing out of nowhere,

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