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Romaine’s plans

The start of every year was called the ‘Month of Winter chords.’ One charismatic person would host the event, so the first month was also called the ‘Month of socialization’, and many banquets and festivals were held during that time period.

The sixth month was called the ‘Month of Hazy Summer’. The word ‘hazy’ referred to the moonlight during the summer nights, where magic woke up from the Summer’s Slumber. This was when the wizards, both living and undead, had their busiest activities.

When it came to the seventh month, the ‘Month of flowing fire’, it was when the day was longest throughout the year. The Sun God would reach the peak of his powers and the beast-kin in the far east held their biggest celebration, the Festival of Flames.

Similarly, the kingdoms who were under the protection of the Holy Cathedral of Fire considered this month an important one. The celebration for this event that happened once a year in Aouine should have started early, but the noble officials in the Grinoires region had no mood to spend time on the events due to the constant battles they faced from Madara.

However, it appeared there was some changes as there were rumors that the army comprised of frightening undead creatures had stopped at Dragos and did not proceed any further to the north. The Silver-Winged knights had won two victorious battles and reclaimed much land, despite several defeats. Many more rumors spread throughout the land, and people were unable to differentiate the truth. Fortunately, most of the commoners would rather believe in good news, and they praised Duke Nakkin for being wise and strong.

On the seventh day, Incirsta’s army turned towards Randner, and the villages in the Grinoires area received their peace again.

People started claiming that the war was over because it was the time when the Sun walked on the Earth, and once the undead touched the ground they would burn up, and the kingdom was naturally going to go for a counter attack.

No one knew where the rumors started, but it was spread around the nearby areas within a few days.

Brendel sat next to a wooden table and listened to the farmers’ discussion nearby him. He and a few others had just left Ankries and were heading to Bruglas without much issues. The undead numbers were getting smaller, so the farmers were at least right about the war ending soon.

Marden had successfully brought the villagers to Ankries, and the news of the fall of Bucce region quickly spread to Fortress Vermeire. He naturally became a hero and the guards and militia that he brought along were glorified and placed into a list where rewards awaited them. Freya and Romaine were also in the list, but this was certainly not the end of the rewards. Brendel knew that there was a more important play going on later.

[After the war, the kingdom is going to require ‘Heroes’ in order to boost the morale of the citizens. In a war, victory or defeat isn’t that imp

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