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The first day.

It was just as Brendel had predicted, after the mercenaries defeated the scouting group of skeleton riders, the undead army did not find them. Brendel successfully led the refugees into the Silver Sparrow Mountain.

[The low level undead and vampires’ strength will drastically go down during the daytime. Until they completely vanquish the White-Mane army, they would not let the skeletons to advance all over the mountainous region. But at the same time, once they take hold of the graveyards in Fortress Riedon, their army will drastically increase. Based on the game, when Tarkus reached the northern area, Dragos, their army had already grown to a hundred thousand, 5 times the number of the entire Grinoires forces…]

Brendel pondered as he watched the refugees. The number of the refugees that joined them had grown to approximately five hundred, and along with them were horse carriages and mules carrying heavy luggage, and the entire length of the people was even half a kilometer long. Some of these refugees were even fortunate enough to find their lost relatives, and for a moment they felt there was hope.

Romaine had sneaked off during the daytime and moved off with her precious backpack. She was sitting on another carriage which was filled with luggage. A few kids were sitting there and listening to her story with wild eyes about how brilliant Brendel was throughout the whole journey.

She suddenly saw a man and woman riding towards her, and she lowered her head in fright.

Brendel only slept for three hours. That was the first time in these few days that he slept, but because of his constant worrying over the Madara’s army, he did not sleep well. Despite that, he quickly spotted someone familiar, and realized that the girl who was acting strangely was Romaine. He laughed and shook his head:

“Why did you sneak out?”

“I’m bored.” Romaine answered with a lowered head.

“It’s dangerous outside,” Freya frowned and glared at her best friend, her voice full of worry: “If there’s something that happened to you, how am I going to explain to aunt Jennie?”

“There’s nothing really dangerous here, I’m just telling them a story.” When Romaine said that, her eyebrows went up.

The brats nodded.

“I’m not talking about what you’re doing right now,” Freya sighed. “Do you know how bad things are right now?”

Brendel found it a little funny and asked: “What story are you telling them?”

“It’s about you.”

Brendel beckoned to her and asked her to come closer. The merchant girl paused slightly, but went to the edge of the carriage without suspecting him. However the youth grabbed her face with both of his palms and pinched both her cheeks firmly: You must listen to Freya and take care of yourself, okay?

Romaine was frightened to the point that she whined pitifully, trying to pry his hands off and raised both of her short eyebrows: “I. mmmf….. got it, l-let gooo!”

Then she ducked to the other co

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