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Into the night

As they rejoined the refugees, Brendel got to know that Tamar was searching for him ever since he woke up from his coma, so that he could thank Brendel. When he saw Brendel and Ciel leaving away from the refugees, he followed them and waited till they were alone.

But Brendel was not too worried that Tamar would whistleblow to the Holy Cathedral of Fire because he did not appear to be that sort of person.

While Brendel was surprised at Tamar’s identity, the latter felt he was mysterious. The middle-aged man had only seen the descriptions of the Blood Transmutation circle, and even he did not know how to use it. However, he could feel the negative feedback within Brendel’s body and guessed that he was using this forbidden magic.

But this talent of detecting negative magic did not come to many people.

Tamar did not have any opinions on this particular magic. To him, many nobles did illegal things. The Holy Cathedral of Fire forbade the black markets and illegal slavery, but the market for it in this area was just as prosperous, and the irony was even some members of the holy church participated in these dirty businesses.

The truth was, Tamar actually hoped to discuss the techniques of alchemy with him. He thought for a while before asking.

“My lord, what exactly are you trying to create?”

When Brendel heard the future Grandmaster call him ‘My Lord, he actually felt smug about it.

“I need a batch of spirit crystals. I have some higher undead bones, and I need it to make a Soul Statue.”

He needed a Soul Statue (White Deer). This was a simpler type amongst the soul statues. It was able to summon a white colored male deer’s spirit that was able to detect undead Shades. In Vaunte’s old legend, the white deer resided in place where souls went for their eternal rest, thus they were particularly sensitive to them.

[This is one of the mid-ranked undead types that we might encounter, and one of the most terrifying units that an undead necromancer can employ against us.]

“Soul Statue?” Tamar felt that it was unthinkable. That was nothing more than a simple alchemy tool, and the only difficulty was getting the materials for it. He found it hard to accept that Brendel would use a forbidden magic to make such a simple item.

“Sir Tamar, there’s really no need to be suspicious. It’s because I lack alchemy tools to do it…..”

Tamar nearly tripped and fall to the ground after hearing his words.

The reason why Blood Transmutation was powerful was because of the incredible speed and clean execution in the battlefield, something that normal alchemy could not compete with. But the price for transmuting a high level item was also an incredible burden on the user.

In the past, where the holy faction fought with the undead faction, there were many who sacrificed themselves to summon powerful creatures for the sake of victory. Ultimately, this went against the teachings of the church, and forbidd

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