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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter34


TL: So there’s a WIP of that armor I was talking about back then when you click the read more button.

There’s also something about the TLing of my version to another language.

And the current update situation is still going to continue at a one chapter per week, because I’m going to be really busy with finishing my assignments.

Chapter 34 – The meeting with Marden again

TL: I saw there’s a request to TL my version of The Amber Sword to another language, and I need to respond properly to this and future requests.

I can’t really say yes to that.

The problem is that I have edited the original raws quite a bit. There are small events in my version that did not happen in the raws (the most recent example is the battle against Boss Ebdon, some stuff isn’t there at all.), and there are stuff that I cut out completely from the raws due to various reasons. I do believe that my edits to TAS’s events to be better but my version clearly strays from the original, and TLing my version to another language makes me feel uncomfortable.

That being said,I won’t stop you from using my TLed stuff to another language, just that I feel that you should take the raws rather than use my version to respect the author as much as possible.

The fluffy tail is still missing, and I still need to edit various spots, but what do you think of it guys? ~_~

The gazes from the soldiers made Brendel to be on his guard a little, but he believed that the superiors in the White-Mane army were not incompetent and were unable to look at the big picture.

His plan had not changed.

He was not interested to enter Aouine’s decaying internal government, but the events of the refugee’s rescue would not be to be kept under covers. Since that was the case, he planned ahead to allow the experienced mercenaries who sought after freedom, glory and wealth to stand out.

It was far more easier to make people believe that a group of well trained mercenaries led the refugees out successfully than a single person doing so.

The loss of Fortress Riedon was like a bomb that could explode anytime. No matter how much the White-Mane cavalry army stood out in the battles against Madara, they were unlikely to escape the blame of losing the fortress. If he was to stand out alone in this particular aftermath, he would most certainly satisfy his pride, but the nobles would be even more pleased to use him as a political example.

Therefore his plan was to make sure there were as many people in this ‘legendary tale’ as possible, so that he could ensure that he was buried under everyone else who stood out.

He was certain that the nobles would act upon his plan, and whatever came next would be their own doing; To find scapegoats to cast all the blame of losing Fortress Riedon to them, and to make sure that they exaggerate the series of events in order to regain their dignity.

He wanted t

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