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Knowing when to call it quits

Once Brendel heard Freya’s words, he immediately calmed down. He had cleared three secret quests and knew even more of such secret quests that were of equivalent level.

[There is absolutely no need for me to take on such a risk. When I fought against Ebdon, I literally used everything I had to defeat him. Fighting against anything that is above level seventy is completely suicidal. Furthermore, the first player who found this place did so three months later. Madara’s undead forces will retreat in approximately one or two months later, and they most likely won’t search this area because of the protective barrier. If I truly want to aim for this secret quest, I can try doing so later on, especially when my level is higher.]

He took the ring and kept it stashed away and patted the Freya’s shoulder: “Let’s go back.”


“There are plenty of chances to take such risks, but we only have a single life each,” Brendel smiled mockingly at himself: “You are completely right. There are problems with my attitude just now.”

[The First War of the Black Rose ends at the end of July, Aouine’s internal strife shows itself during September, and finally there’s a political shift in November. I have only five months to raise my levels as much as possible, but I’m obviously going too fast for considering what I did just now.]

Brendel wanted to gain enough strength to at least protect the people around him, even if he was unable to change the history was about to take place. He knew that the world would descend into utter chaos, and things like justice and logic would be destroyed by the wars ahead. In order to survive in the chaotic world ahead, he had to do ridiculous tasks in order to become stronger.

Romaine and Freya might not be able to understand, and even Ciel who followed him might not be able to understand either. Sometimes Brendel felt the feeling of frustration was even stronger in him because he knew he was powerless to stop the events that came along.

He sheathed his sword and walked towards the exit, and indicated to Freya to follow him.

When the two left the area, two person slowly walked out from the dark gaps between the rocks.

The taller person looked like she was female. She dressed in a strange robe that was white in color, with her sleeves, shoulders and chest area decorated with blue sigils. The upper dress fit tightly to her waist, but the sleeves and pants were uniquely wide. She had long silver hair and her eyes seemed like the deepest lake that was dark green in color. There were crimson patterns on her face, but she did not have any expressions.

“Rauze, are you not going to stop them from leaving?” Her voice was completely neutral and boring.

“Phoral, if you keep showing off your aggressive nature by showing off your claws and teeth, it won’t be fun anymore.” The reply that came back seemed to be full of excitement.

The shorter girl appeared like s

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