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One slash, one kill, a force that could not be stopped even by a legion.

[[[What kind of imposing power is this?!]]]

It was not only Xelsa who thought of this, the militia and mercenaries who saw Brendel’s frenzied destruction stopped what they were doing. They even thought a legendary paladin would not be able to surpass what he did. The humans who were still in the midst in attacking cheered at the same time, their morale greatly boosted.

The militia destroyed off the skeletons who were in front of them, and Xelsa knew that he was defeated. But the noble blood in him from the dark lands did not allow him to admit defeat—

[What kind of army is this…? They look nothing more like a bunch of disorganized garbage who are not even equipped properly. They are even worse than militia because they are hastily formed from a group of refugees. This group of men who had even lost their reason to fight… But the one who led them… is far more impressive. Aouine is a nothing more than a decadent kingdom now. How could our glorious undead be defeated by an army like this? ]

Xelsa could not help but lament in his heart.

The Black Knight pulled out his sword, the soul fire in him flaring up. He dragged the necromancer beside him who was of a higher level and pointed at Brendel, ordering him loudly to use a [Mental Blast] on him.

He then patted the neck of his horse, bringing along the three Black Warrior guards with him. Even if he had no chance of gaining victory, he had to reclaim his glory by killing the enemy’s leader. This was Madara’s pride, the pride that only the nobles had.

Brendel who was observing Xelsa, immediately realized that the situation he was in. He pointed at the necromancer and called out to Ciel. The wizard apprentice fired a ray of white light at the necromancer who was in the middle of casting a spell. But Ciel did not expect his magic to be deflected when it struck the necromancer’s ribs.

[Ciel’s level is too low.]

Brendel immediately understood that when he saw the necromancer resisting Ciel’s spell. A few remaining skeletons were in his path, and he had no choice but to destroy them first. He cut them down and raised his left hand—

A sky blue triangular magic formation formed around his wrist.

Brendel paid 3 Wind EP into the Elemental Pool, and activated the magic card.

This sky blue card combination represented the power of wind, flexible and varied, a magic that was unpredictable due to its nature of countering the enemy after they launched an attack first.

A transparent ripple with razor sharp edges launched from the necromancer’s forehead, aiming towards Brendel and the people nearby him, but it suddenly stopped moving in the middle of its path, as if time had frozen. A hurricane formed in the battlefield and seemed to howl in everyone’s ears. The mental blast was then sent back to the caster, and countless undead skulls exploded in its path.

The necromancer who

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