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The first thing that Brendel saw when he entered Tulman’s house were manuscripts strewn all over the incredibly polished pine floor. When he turned to the left, he saw a thick book placed on a pedestal. The technology in this world was not advanced, and the papers that were made are considerably thick. They had to use leather skin with binding to lock it in place, thus making it bulky and cumbersome when transporting the books, and they easily spoiled too.

Even though the kingdom had a library as well as a royal academy, they were typically reserved for merchants, and ranked nobles’ descendants. Most of the time, the commoners would rather send their children to various workshops and work as an apprentice.

Brendel walked up to the book and checked the contents quickly.

[Ancient language. Tulman is actually studying them. Judging from his notes, he looks like he’s studying the variants of the old Highland language used in Kirrlutz. Based on his notes, he seemed to have made a certain amount of progress. If I pass these notes to Batum or Freya, they will most likely treat as scrap paper.]

Tulman finally stopped flipping the books inside his house and went up to him.

“Young man, where did you discover this language?” Tulman finally found a obscure variant language that resembled Brendel’s pronunciation from his related documents.

Tulman discovered that there were five ancient Kirrlutz tribes, and the weakest group amongst them was called Deronhi. Their language appeared to be greatly similar to the Blue Poem’s word and the Kirrlutz’s ancestors might have truly recorded down history.

Tulman have always suspected that the Kirrlutz’s current citizens were not true descendants, but was unable to deny that the King of Flames, Gatel, had traits of the ancient Kirrlutz’s race.

Brendel grinned but he did not answer.

Tulman pushed his spectacles up and he carried a huge book from the inner from and walked out. He sat down on a chair near the window and faced Brendel. He looked at the four of them, before opening the shelf next to the chair and took out a smoking pipe from the second drawer. He tapped the pipe on the table, and flames immediately lit the leaves in it, causing the smoke to rise up. (TL: I nearly wrote weed, lol.)

He put the pipe in his mouth and took a deep breath, puffed out smoke from his nostrils and said: “It seems like you have something that you want, young man. State your request then. I must say you have succeeded in making these old bones interested.”

He then placed the pipe onto an ash tray, and said with smoke coming out from his lips: “But you have not won yet. Boy, even though I am already old, I have not gone senile yet. What exactly do you want to get from me if you only have a single word? You had better bring something that is of use.”

The old man’s words finally made Batum and Freya realize that Brendel was trying to make a transaction, but they did not know what e

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