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Holy Potion 9’s effect was not as powerful as the other types of health potions; the effect of this particular one merely managed to pull Brendel away from eternal death. In addition to the potion, Ciel and Freya helped him bandage up his wounds, and the Emergency First Aid skill finally stopped the bleeding. Even though he felt faint from the loss of blood and was extremely pale, he confirmed that he was no longer in danger from his Stats Window.

Brendel stood up shakily, but after a few steps he nearly stumbled onto the ground. Ciel and Freya quickly went to his sides to help him up. He looked at Freya with surprise as he thought she would get angry for at least a day over his tasteless joke and ignore him.

Freya felt his gaze and she turned her head away. Her face was red with anger when she found out that he lief, but after thinking about it, she felt that this ending was better than losing Brendel. But at the same time, she gnashed her teeth and reminded herself that she should not fall so easily to this rotten bastard’s tricks anymore.

After a few moments, Brendel started to think about his plans again. They walked up to the horses and he patted Ciel’s horse and spoke to his squire:

“Ciel, help me up—”

Before Ciel reacted, Freya went in front of Brendel and blocked him: “Wait, w-what are you trying to do again!”

“I’m going to sit on a horse?”


“What’s wrong?” Brendel was confused.

“Y-your injuries are too bad to be able to ride on a horse, can you stop being so reckless. Think about those are concerned with you…” She grumbled with embarrassment.

She thought about how this had happened before. She did not understand if he knew that his injuries would be fatal on anyone else.

He looked at her expression and finally understood her concern. His attitude weakened and explained to her: “Freya, I’m really fine now. I just drank a holy potion, didn’t you recall how we saved Jonathon with the potion that night?”

Freya bit her lips. She half-believed his words, but the fact that he had just stumbled stayed in her mind. Yet every time she argued with him, she seemed to be on the losing end, so she chose to stubbornly stand before him and say nothing.

Brendel did not know how to persuade her. He could try to use harsh words to depict the current situation, but this would hurt her in the process and he did not want to do it to a girl who thought nothing but the best for him.

“Freya, please let my lord get on the horse.” Ciel suddenly spoke up just when Brendel was about to sigh in exasperation.

Freya looked at Ciel in disbelief. She had expected the squire to be on her side. In the continent Vaunte, squires were compelled to follow their knights and protect them, but why did Ciel look like he was not concerned with his master’s life?

“Ciel, why are you…..” She faltered for a moment and trailed off as she did not know what to say.

“My lord is really out of danger. He’

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