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Home of the fairies

——————-Princess POV———————-

“This person is certainly audacious to call himself a member of the royal family.”

The princess lightly placed her fringe of silver hair to the back of her pointed ears with her fingers, then took the porcelain teacup and gently sipped from it, smiling.

“The king slumbers within the valley when the twin moons can be seen— What do you think of the riddle, Lord Oberbeck?” She mused for a while before asking.

“The majority of the noble families in our kingdom have their own secrets, and this is an undeniable fact. But Ebdon mentioned about the oath to the royal family. It’s likely that the treasure has to something to do with the royal family.” Oberbeck replied.

“I think it goes slightly more complicated than that, Lord Oberbeck. The Holy Oath might have something to do with the first king, Erik.”

Oberbeck nodded. “The emerald lake in the pure white mountain — There are stories that the place is where a Saint took his eternal rest.”

“I see. May I know how it came about?”

“The fishermen in the region frequently stated that they saw the Knight of the Lake in the mist. He guards the Lake of the Goddess, located in the central island, and white boulders could be spotted within the island. That is perhaps the mountain to the riddle.”

“Thank you for the explanation, Lord Oberbeck. Do you have any idea what the two-faced statue means?”

“I’m afraid I have no idea what is that, my lady.”

“That’s true. A mysterious treasure like this is most likely unknown to everyone. It’s certainly a very interesting aspect in the stories about knights.”

She covered her lips and laughed: “I must have made you laugh for my childish behavior.”

“Not at all, my lady. I too wonder about the identity of this former Ebdon. As far as I know there isn’t a royal knight named Ebdon.”

“Perhaps his former name was something else.”

“Indeed, that’s my guess as well.”

The half-elf princess did not look at the middle-aged man, but she guessed that he must had did a careful investigation.

[Oberbeck seemed to be highly impressed with that young man… He must have reported to Father about this matter as well, but what exactly was he impressed about? Personal strength? It’s certainly a factor, but the most likely reason is the power behind that youth.]

The princess stroked her chin.

[Are the Highland knights so important? This kingdom needs a new power so that it could revitalize itself, but the Highland Knights, militia, or a new formal army are unlikely to be able to achieve that purpose. That young man…?]

She shook her head.

[No, that’s not possib– Wait… Am I jealous?]

For some reason she felt a little threatened by him and was slightly stunned when she thought about the issue. She shook her head again.

“My lady?” Oberbeck noticed her strange actions.

“Ah, I apologize. Please continue the events.”

Oberbeck cast a strange look at her as he no

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