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Brendel’s plans

But Freya did not get to finish her talk as she saw Romaine’s sad face, and swallowed the angry words that she had.

“W-whatever. I can’t be bothered anymore.”

Brendel already know that Freya was someone who had all bark and no bite, so he took out his own bag and emptied it. A few silver coins fell out from it, and it appeared like he had around five hundred Tor.

His mouth opened slightly as he did not expect that he had so little money. He had sold off a low grade gem from Ebdon’s loot for a good price in Ankries that was worth of ten of thousands of Tor. He had split up up the money into three and divided them to Freya and Romaine. But after purchasing some ingredients for an alchemy potion, he used up most of them.

The ingredients that he had was planned to make a High-potion that was supposed to raise willpower for a short time. It was called a ‘Berserker’s potion for mages’ in the game, and it was more likely to be even more popular in this world.

But this item was an investment that would not see profit like the painting of the Elven princess that was worth a few million Tor.

[Especially this darn painting. I can’t sell it anytime soon. I kind of regret leaving the decision to Ciel. If I know this I would have just asked him to take some random gold or silver plates… This type of special item isn’t easily sold even in the black market, unless I have personal connections.]

He arranged the coins on the table and sighed. “Looks like I only have this much. But Freya should have some money left right—”

“W-what does your problems have anything to do with me?” Freya nearly choked from her ill mood. She glared at Brendel, but still took out her money pouch. “Grrrr. All our travel fees are inside here. Do what you want—”

Freya threw out over four thousand Tor and he looked at her in surprise.

They had been traveling around the Dragos region for nearly a month, and Romaine, Batum, Tamar and his son, as well as himself and Freya had been living on her budget. In fact, they had four more horses and the horse cart rental, so Brendel did not expect her to have much of the money left.

[Hoh… To think Freya is a budget planner…]

“What are you looking at?” Freya checked her clothes when she found Brendel staring at her.

“Nothing. I just thought you’re really a wise person. I wonder who’s lucky enough to marry you.”

“Freya is mine.” Romaine smiled happily.

Freya blushed like the evening sunset, her heart beating quickly. “What do you mean by lucky, s-stop talking nonsense.”

Then she glared angrily at Romaine: “And you, just shut up.”

But the merchant girl was long immune to such attacks. She smiled as she took out her bag which was just as empty as Brendel. “It looks like I ran out of money too.”

“Damn it, where did all your money go?!” Freya blurted out when she saw the empty bag. Logically, Romaine was the one who did not need to use any money.

“Investigating t

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