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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter35


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Chapter 35 Goddess of War and Brendel

Brendel looked at the silent Freya and knew that she probably did not understand the details behind the politics. This was something that he expected, as a person from the countryside would not have seen the machinations behind the nobles’ goals before.

[But to summarize everything, it’s all about greed.]

He decided to be as clear as possible: “I know that it might be difficult for all of you to accept. But the truth is we’re nothing but pawns on the chessboard, and they would not care about whether we live or die.”

Freya was shocked when she heard that, and she looked up at him.

But Marden frowned and sighed. What Brendel said was what he had seen for the past few days. The nobles had declared to him that the Bucce’s militia and his army would be rewarded for the defense. Everyone’s morale was raised when they heard the news, but if he was to look at things in another way, only one or two of them would be promoted, and a meager amount of money to be distributed amongst them as a reward.

And every time he mentioned about Bucce’s homeless refugees, the reply was always ambiguous.

“Freya, ” Brendel looked deeply into Freya’s light brown eyes. “If you hope to see something like everyone getting commended and rewarded for their efforts, then move back to the countryside and live a happy and safe life after the war, you’re going to get disappointed for having such a naive and unrealistic thought.”


“If you have the idea of just relying on someone else, you’re going to become a pawn that’s going to be discarded by the nobles sooner or later.”

Freya had seen and heard much in Fortress Riedon, and she could somehow understand his words, so she hesitated for a while before asking: “Then what should I do?”

“Become stronger, until you can be a person who can protect others.”

“I-I know, but—” Freya answered in a rush.

[I’m just the leader of a small militia group, how am I supposed to become as powerful as the nobles amongst the capital? It’s impossible!]

“You’re worried that you can’t do it?” He asked.

Freya nodded.

“There’s no need to be worried about it. An opportunity would present itself before you in the future.” He smiled and replied.

Freya was slightly confused and looked back in a daze.

Brendel had not told her what exactly he had planned for her. In truth, he wished for her to enter into the cavalry academy that was built by the royal crown, so that she could receive the kingdom’s formal education on commanding an army, as well as learning v

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