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The end of the tale

—————– Princess POV —————

The princess with silver hair did not speak for a long time after the story ended. She supported her chin with her fingers and looked at the sunset outside the giant arched window. It was nearly night time.

“So what is the ending of this tale, Lord Oberbeck?” She asked.

“Isn’t the ending apparent enough, my lady? It ends with me finishing narrating the tale to the princess here.”

“You could put it that way, Lord Oberbeck, but you have not told me the most interesting thing.” The princess asked with interest.


“You said ‘he got something good out of it over the journey”, but I have not heard anything of that description from the beginning of the tale, Lord Oberbeck.”

“Is that right, my lady, but this old minister here recalled clearly that he had described it perfectly.” Lord Oberbeck laughed heartily as he faked surprise.

“You mean the emblem that Ebdon gave him? It’s nothing more than a magic emblem only right? I think with Lord Oberbeck’s experience in magical artifacts, you wouldn’t be interested in that.” (TL: Given that Brendel can actually decide his entire profession on this trinklet… Or how Ebdon was Madara’s top ranking vanguard, heh.)

“No, no, of course not. My lady, why not think about it a little more?”

She tapped on her chin and considered for a while.

“Then it has to be something from the Valley of the Saint. I believe there’s a portion where you gave little description as to what happened.”

“You are certainly wise, my lady.” Oberbeck praised her from the bottom of his heart. “But I did not intentionally left out anything. At that moment, I felt two powerful presence hiding nearby and I did not dare to approach any closer. I wanted to warn them of the danger, but I discovered them too late.”

“Oh? Even though Lord Oberbeck is not known for your skill in the sword, but I recall that you’re at least a Gold-ranked fighter. There was actually someone who was actually strong enough to stop you from approaching them?”

“Unfortunately so. However, it looked like they did not want anyone to discover them, and merely gave a warning to stop the two from advancing any further.” Oberbeck replied with some fear in his heart.

“Then that youth must have gotten something from there. Ah, Lord Oberbeck, you did not tell me what he saw when he opened his bag.”

Lord Oberbeck checked his surroundings and mouthed the words out. The princess’s expressions changed a little. “That thing really exists?”

Oberbeck nodded: “I have heard of this item in legends, and I was just as surprise as my lady. It is unfortunate because once the item has gone through a mortal’s hand, it would not beloing to another.”

“I see. It is a little regrettable, as it might change my brother’s personality. For a kingdom like Aouine, he is a little too soft.” She looked at him: “Otherwise Lord Oberbeck would have made an attempt to steal it, right?”


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