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Freya’s calvary army

The bar owner fell into silence after hearing Freya’s answer, and she saw an unconvinced expression on his face. She looked around the street and discovered that the people had the same attitude as the bar’s owner. Her heart tightened and she gripped her sword hilt, wanting to and swing it onto the ground to release the tension in her.

“Freya’s friend had said that Fortress Riedon was going to fall, and everyone here would not believe something like this before tonight. I don’t believe it either, but the truth is right before us. Freya is Bucce’s militia and I think she has a way out of this.” Sue suddenly spoke at this moment.

Everyone paused, and even Freya looked at the girl. Freya cast a grateful glance at her.

“… I actually don’t have the means to avoid Madara.” Freya thought for a while and spoke honestly, but everyone was momentarily stunned from her words. She continued speaking.

“But, I know someone who might have this ability.”

“You mean you are not even sure whether that person can avoid Madara?” Someone asked.

Freya nodded, and immediately saw many of them shrugged. These mercenaries did not put their hope onto a girl like her, even adopting a joking attitude towards her response, as they found her to be considerably charming.

“Wait, please! I know, as a stranger, it must look ridiculous to ask everyone to trust me,” She struck the sword against the ground, and composed herself. Her voice became clearer and louder “I’m just offering you a possibility—

She thought for a while: “It’s like a b-bet, I, I….”

She struggled for a long time, but could not find an appropriate description to use. She started to regret her choice to try and explain in a manner that only mercenaries would be familiar with.

“Like setting our bets down on gambling dice right? If we get it right, we will win big?” One of the gigantic mercenary soldier laughed: “That’s a good explanation, Call me Mano, yeah? So missy, I just need to lay down my bets right?”

He turned back to the others, and a few people laughed kindly.

“Mano, you damned gambler, you’re going to throw your life away one day!”


Freya blushed a little, but she nodded quickly: “Yes, something like that. If you think you can trust in my words, why not take a further look at whether the plan is feasible? I think if you see my friend, you will be able to judge for yourself. At the very least, I trust in him.”

The mercenaries fell into silence once again. They felt that her proposal had merit to it, and Sue had guaranteed Freya as a reliable person. There was also the fact where they were going nowhere with their own debate, and could go their separate ways if things did not turn out well later on.

However, no one wanted to be the first to volunteer, and the atmosphere was growing colder by the minute. Freya was becoming more and more anxious.

“I believe in Freya.”

Sue was the first to walk out, an

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