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The gargoyle skidded against the soft river ground ten over meters after it was forced down. The damage against this monstrous creature was minor, but Brendel and Ciel were hurled towards the ground with considerable impact.

The nobles’ soldiers around them immediately became excited once they landed on the ground, and they swarmed towards them like angry insects. Even though they were a bunch of low ranking mobs, the riders’ charge made them look terrifying. After Ciel stood up from the ground and shook off the sand, he received a shock after looking at his surroundings and immediately asked: “My lord, what should we do now?”

Brendel pulled his leg out from the mud and drew his sword. He yelled: “Cut the crap, create a wall now!”

This was the classic strategy of Aouine’s wizards against the riders. The players’ strategies gradually evolved from this basic spell as it was effective against inexperienced riders.

Ciel immediately understood and used a ruby and pointed to the front: “To halt, to counter, Wall of creation—” Strings of light extended everywhere and formed a wall. The strings of light disappeared and a firm wall made of air was created.

Most of the riders had no idea what it was and they charged forward. There were a few experienced soldiers who split into two directions while Makavu tried to command his troops to circle the enemies, but the noise created from the galloping horses drowned his voice.

The first row of riders crashed into the wall of air. The horses knelt onto the ground, while the riders were thrown upwards and crashes into the wall. The next row of riders trampled onto the first row and then stumbled to the ground. As the third row crashed onto the second row, the increasing pressure shattered the wall of air, and suddenly a great number of the corpses were propelled forward and landed near Brendel’s feet.

This happened in a single instant, and the forceful impact frightened even Brendel and Ciel. They took a step backwards involuntarily.

Makavu cursed in anger from behind. The first row of riders were immediately killed, and the second row of riders were heavily injured. The third row of riders were mostly incapacitated and could not join back in the fray. Twenty odd men were never going to come back and rejoin his army, and he felt heartbroken by that fact.

He clenched his teeth and quickly bandaged his bloodied hands, then charged forth with a brandished greatsword. There were still ten over veteran riders remaining and he needed to lead them personally to suppress the two enemies in front, until the footmen were able to catch up with them.

[We need to target that wizard! If he continues to use his magic it would spell disaster for us!]

Makavu waved his greatsword twice, signalling his men to spread out and surround the enemies. He was fuming slightly when he saw their hesitant behavior. Each one of them was at least an Iron-rank, but when it came to the

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