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He looked back at Romaine, and found that she was looking back at him. Her eyes which were full of curiosity made people feel uncomfortable at times, but Brendel was truly fond of her and found her mannerisms to be cute.

He contemplated for a while before replying: “Let’s stop here for a while.”

“Stop for a while?” Freya asked: “But the Madara’s forces are right behind us, and they would arrive about two or three hours later. We don’t have much time, Brendel.”

But he shook the Seal Ring in front of the girls and answered: “It is now midnight. The city will be on full alert, and just having this alone does not really say anything. If we are treated as the Madara’s scouts, everything would go wrong, understand?”

“T-then, what should we do?” Freya thought that all her efforts that she put in should have a little use.

He glanced at her. In his mind, he knew clearly he was full of crap. Fortress Riedon did not notice Madara’s invasion? That might not be true! The nobles would not neglect their own safety, what they wanted was to hide inside the fortress and stubbornly defend until reinforcements arrived.

He remembered in the Year of the Hidden Beasts (Year 342), the undead army swept across the east of Karsuk, leaving the entire region void of life. The governor of City of Silver Horses ordered the gates to be shut, ignoring the pleas of the eastern region, causing the refugees to flee to the west. In the end, that stretch of land was still empty even until now.

Even so, these city lords did not receive any censure or blame, or perhaps the royal family had no power left to rebuke the lords since the ascension of Aouine’s previous king. The girls did not understand what happened to the Karsuk region, but he knew what happened.

His true intention was to rescue Romaine’s aunt, and possibly a few others if he could, but reporting to the army of Fortress Riedon? He had never placed hope in this aspect, and he certainly did not think himself as a messiah.

Rather than hoping the nobles would listen to reason, he would rather bet on pigs flying in the air as a better possibility. There were many clashes amongst the players and the arrogant nobles in the game, and even until the political changes in the twelve month, they were still fighting it out.

He did not even have one good impression of the bastards at all.

When he considered the pieces in his mind, he realized that Freya might see things differently. He spied on her with the corners of his eyes. She was staring vacantly at the campfire — The countryside girl still believed in this country. It was not a bad thing, but he was worried that she would be impulsive when it came to the critical juncture.

And even if displayed the facts before her, she might not believe him. This would only lead to a rift between them and he did not wish to argue with her. He continued to mull things over, then a sudden idea hit him.

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