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The burning city.

The time was the year of bustling flowers and summer leaves, the morning of the second day of the sixth month.

Freya quickly reached ‘number 51’ at the market with the assistance of Sue, the bar’s owner’s daughter. She took a look at the Ponoa’s market area. Even though it was morning, there were a decent amount of people in this place. Torches were lit everywhere, and the brightness more or less made people feel safe—

She prepared to move, but Sue suddenly grabbed her arm: “Stop, there’s someone hidden in the alley.”

The young girl with braids stood between the edges of the shadow and light in the street’s corner, her hand against the wall and observing the outside area in alertness.

“Are they soldiers?” Freya’s heart jumped.

“I don’t know. But these faces are unfamiliar, they are definitely not people from this city’s region.” Sue shook her head and answered quietly.

Freya brought a clenched fist to her lips, pondering anxiously. If they appeared in the Ponoa market now, they were most likely the soldiers of the White-Mane army.

[Brendel have predicted this would happen. They really went to find hood. Have they talked to him? Should I still continue to meet with him?] Freya furrowed her brows.

[… Wait, Brendel said that it was okay even if I discovered the soldiers. Without knowing our relationship, they won’t act immediately as they want to capture all of us.]

Freya took a deep breath. She turned her head and asked: “Sue, can you answer me a question?”

“What is it?”

“How do you know when someone is lying?”

The dark-skinned girl laughed: “Did you ask this question because I help out at the bar?”

Freya flushed a little, she was indeed eyeing Sue’s vastly superior experience compared to hers. Most of the citizens and her naively thought that the nobles would act and save them if anything happened, but Sue pointed out the truth within a couple of lines during their conversation.

In Freya’s heart, this slightly cold girl was very sharp and assertive.

“No problem. I help people everyone out once in a while,” Sue smiled: “Freya, look at me.”


“Your friend that says that Fortress Riedon will be conquered, what is his name?”

Freya was momentarily taken aback as she did not know why she asked this question. She panicked a little in her heart, and her eyes darted about: “B-Brendel.”

Sue’s eyes glinted: “You like him, right?”

“N-no, Brendel, he, likes Romaine.”

“Eyes, Freya, look at me.” Sue’s deep brown eyes was a pool of still water as it reflected Freya: “And who is Romaine?”

Freya’s face looked like it has been set ablazed by fire. Her eyes swam about and did not dare to look at Sue, and tried to explain with stuttering in her words, but she did not where to begin with. She suddenly felt she was the biggest fool under the sky, and wanted to find a crevice and hide in there.

“Understand?” Sue asked.

“Y-yes.” Freya lowered her he

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