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Brendel commanded the gargoyle to release them, and Ciel and him fell onto the soft meadow in the area. They were in a silent forest of a mountain peak, and what entered their line of sight was a crooked wooden house like a house from the slums. It was two storey high, and there were rays of yellow light from candlesticks pouring out from the gaps of the wooden planks.

“My lord, is this the place that you where you can ‘lvup’?” Ciel rubbed his sore wrist from the gargoyle’s grip as he carefully studied the house before him. His face was full of serious suspicion: “I do not wish to question you my lord, but no matter how I look at it, this place looks similar to the witches’ houses in Bunoxone.”

“You are not wrong, there is a witch currently residing in this house.”

“Oh, the witches do indeed have a way to raise the powers temporarily.”

“No, that temporary power is not sufficient.”

“Then my lord’s goal is spiritual magic? It is indeed a power that can be used under emergencies. But my lord, these spirits are difficult to control, and even though I can think of several ways to deceive them, I have never tried them out—”

Brendel already started to walk towards the wooden house, while the young man followed him from behind quickly and continued to speak.

“Ciel, tell me your methods the next time. This time however, we’re here to make a transaction.”


Brendel reached the door and readied himself mentally.

He was the only one who knew that the witch called Babasha was nothing more than a cover for something else. When the nobles designed their fortresses, they tend to make an emergency passageway, and the former owner of the pine fortress and duke of Grinoires created a secret passageway to this hill, due to the numerous enemies he had in the political circle.

And Babasha, who was the duke’s witch advisor, naturally protected the passageway. This secret was only revealed after the Second War of the Black rose, where players failed to reoccupy the pine fortress and seeked for an alternative way, leading to the discovery of the fortress’s blueprints.

Brendel was vert familiar with the level 32 witch. When he was grinding in the fortress, he was still inexperienced in the ways of the game and loved to gamble, so he fell prey to the old witch, as her place was the only shop that sold secret goods.

This time, however, he had to try and curb this witch so that he could execute his plans. His right hand was constantly on his sword’s hilt, and his fingers were cold from his tension.

He hesitated for a while, but knocked onto the strangely bent door three times.

There was a voice that quickly came from the second storey, old and sharp: “Who is it, if you want a divination come again tomorrow.”

“I don’t want a divination. I have brought something along.”

“Do you know the rules if you’re here to do a transaction?” The voice replied after a short pause.

“I have what

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