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A natural Lord

A miracle had happened before the citizen’s eyes.

The cavalry who charged towards the youth were crumpled like a piece of paper. Each time the youth moved, swords would either break or bend backwards, and steel splinters flew all over the place. The force carried behind the youth’s sword even hurled the rider’s horse upwards, before the rider flew off from the impact.

One, two, three, the citizens behind Brendel whispered, until seven of the riders were dismounted forcefully. The remaining three riders were already frightened to the point where they held the reins tightly and did not advance any further.

Gaspard stared at Brendel as if he was a devil, while Markov and his guards were frightened to the point where they forgot what they were holding in his hands. The refugees broke past their lines and ran to Brendel.

“Who are you?” Gaspard felt that the blood draining from his limbs. He had seen the captains in the White Mane’s squadrons training fights, and he felt they were elite fighters, but compared to the youth in front of him, they were amateurs.

[Who exactly is this person?!]

Brendel sheathed his sword and exhaled lightly. He used Power Break seven times, and he drained a fifth of his stamina, and he felt his hands were starting to go a little numb.

“I have already said my name. I’m Dunn.” Brendel pointed his sword at Gaspard and Markov. “Now, are all of you calm enough to listen to my words?”

The two leaders exchanged looks. How could they not listen? The riders who charged at him were not exactly amazing, but they were well trained and charged at their opponent with a horse. Even the soldiers of the White Mane army would avoid their direct attacks.

But he merely struck seven times with his sword, and each single blow knocked off a rider off his horse, and at the end of the fight he looked like he was not even tired, and even the captains under Luc Beson could not compare to him.

[He looks like he’s at least a intermediate Iron-ranked fighter, but he’s so young…] Gaspard swallowed. The captains under Luc Beson were veterans who were thirty to forty years old.

“Very good. It looks like you’re ready to listen.” Brendel nodded at the tongue-tied duo. “I regret asking you to scram, so I’m taking back my words. I want all of you to block the road. I don’t care how many undead comes here, your mission is to block them.”

“Ciel.” He continued speaking.

“Yes.” Ciel jumped down when he saw Brendel beckoning to him, and took out his pocket watch and passed it to him.

Brendel looked at the time. There was still a minute left to 4 PM, but Freya was still nowhere to be seen. After rubbing his forehead he raised his head up and said clearly: “All of you here are respected members of Fortress Riedon’s cavalry, helping out the refugees to gain time is a duty that you have. I am sure that none of you needs me to remind what you need to do, and will stand out with bravery to rush t

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