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(TL: We’re now going back to Brendel.)

The news of Madara’s grand army inside the fortress spread throughout the entire place like a plague.

The pine forest within this mountain region was described as the blighted land of evil, due to the undead and thieves existing in there for centuries. It was as if Aouine’s misfortune grew from there, and so the citizens trained themselves to prepare themselves for the fight, while the nobles pledged themselves to lead them when there were any invasions.

This fairy-tale like legend that seemed to exist forever in the minds of the citizens had came to life, baring their fangs and ready to devour them, but that was when the citizens realized that the nobles and the army of Fortress Riedon were nowhere to be seen.

As Brendel ran through the area, he saw more and more people rushing in and out of their houses. The people who still did no know what was happening quickly asked the people in the street, then hurriedly went inside to the house and brought some luggage and their family members out, then proceeded to the north gate.

More and more people gathered, until it finally formed a large throng in the streets. This scenery was like an oil painting in his eyes.

Children grabbed the adults’ hands with their faces full of curiosity, while the wives held on to their husband, their faces full of anxiety. The massively packed crowd of people were nearly quiet with hardly anyone speaking, and there was only the sound of shuffling footsteps that moved forward.

But this silence did not last. Because there was no one to lead them, there were horse carriages which eventually crashed into each other and blocked the road. The crowd’s progress slowed down which led to quarrels. A brawl started with the people at the back cursing at them, and there was a sort of fear that infected the crowd.

This event happened right at the moment where Brendel and Ciel found Romaine, and so Brendel instructed the carriage driver to drive to the sides after they got in.

“Brendel, you’re finally here. I was really worried.” Romaine sighed with great relief. She had waited a little nervously as she rubbed her shoes against the carriage’s wooden board constantly.

Brendel and Ciel sat at the left and right side of the carriage in order to guard, and looked at the growing chaos in the street.

“There were a lot of people along the way which delayed us a little.” Brendel pulled out his sword and answered.

“Where’s Freya?”

“I don’t know, let’s wait and see.”

Ciel who was watching the chaos quietly suddenly whispered to Brendel: “My lord, someone is inciting the crowd.”

“What sort of advantage will they have if they do this?” Brendel was surprised. He did not understand it. He had never paid attention what the NPCs did in the game and he was certainly not a psychologist.

“They are afraid that it’s not chaotic enough.”

“Why is that?”

“Because these people knew subconsci

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