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Night scenery

Brendel and his squire jumped down from his gargoyle, and they saw Romaine and Freya with a pale face in the alley. The latter was glaring at him with a hateful gaze. Brendel found it a little funny that the Goddess of War was afraid of height, and discovered that she resembled the girls in his party in the past due to her frightened expressions in the air.

“Alright, I’m going to talk a little about our current situation.” Brendel was afraid that Freya would seek revenge on him and rushed to speak first.

Freya lightly scoffed when she saw through his trick. She turned her head away and could not be bothered to argue with him.

“We have already delivered the news, it is up to the nobles to take action or not; the next thing we must do is to find Romaine’s aunt and escape from Fortress Riedon, but it will not be easy to do so.” Brendel gestured upwards to instruct the gargoyle to go up to the rooftop and survey the surroundings. He had tried every night to test out the keywords to activate the gargoyle and he finally discovered one that was of use.

However, he still lacked an attack command.

“Freya and Romaine are registered militia, so your relatives at Fortress Riedon will seek to record your names. If we go directly to Romaine’s distant relative, we might be discovered right there, especially when we don’t know if he could be trusted.”

“Isn’t aunt Jennie going to be in grave danger?” Freya asked.

Brendel glanced at Romaine. She did not say anything and was lowering her head to play with the corners of her sleeves.

“Overall the opposition will also have a reaction time, but if we are going to do these things one at a time together, our chances to fail will be significantly higher. In order to save time, we need to move separately, and each of us need to confirm what our own roles.”

He took a deep breath. He had taken on the role of a leader just like in the game once again. But now that the fate of other people was in his hands, he felt a scintilla of tenseness.

His gaze overlooked the three faces, then pointed:

“Freya will go and contact Romaine’s relative.”

“Me?” Freya pointed at herself puzzledly.


“But I only know he is staying in Ponoa’s market. I don’t even which street it is, in fact I don’t even know where the market is…?” She said with a troubled expression.

“You can ask around for the directions. Ponoa’s market is nearby, just walk out of this alley and you will see a pub called ‘The Red Bronze Dragon’s story bar’, and you can seek news in there.” Brendel suddenly smiled: “But you need to be careful, the mecenaries’ hands in the bar might not be very proper, don’t get taken advantage of.”

Freya’s face went into a flaming red, and she glared angrily at him: “Sh-shameless….. lout!”

Ciel was giggling in one corner. He thought his lord was quite interesting. Nobles hardly went to such a low-class area like a pub, but it seemed that Brendel understoo

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