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The war in summer

After the dust settled, Brendel immediately saw the palm-sized card on the ground. He picked it up; there was a tree painted on the face of the card. It was depicted as a majestic tree where a mysterious sheen extending from the body of the tree towards the crown. On the upper left of the card there was a VII written on it, but there was no crystal representing any of the elements.

Brendel looked puzzledly at it, but he immediately called up the character window and scanned it.

The depiction on the cards changed an overlay:

The secret grounds of the Holy Tree

(The Forbidden Sanctuary of the Elves VII)

[Basic Forest]

Adds 1 Water EP every week into the Elemental Pool.

Tapping: Creates the landscape of a forest.

‘My soul returnth upon to my homeland’

“This card is called ‘The Forbidden Sanctuary of the Elves’?” Brendel looked pensively at the card. There was no description to activate the card.

[Does it mean that keeping this card in the deck will automatically generate 1 point of water EP? But what if I don’t have an Elemental Pool? Even ‘tapping the card to create a forest’ needs some analyzing. But now is not the time to try experiments here. Although the servants of the Golden Demonic Tree are going to scatter and wither, the Rock Wurm will absorb the remnants of the Earth Element and mana. After which, it might pick a fight with us.]

He kept the card away and thought about the Mana Resonation earlier.

[There should be another card from the Knight Deck nearby. Unfortunately that resonation is caused naturally and cannot be repeated manually, otherwise I might be able to search the area using this method.]

He called out to Freya and Romaine to gather some of the tree’s acorns. Mature acorns could be used to make high grade Mana potions which were highly prized in the game. Unfortunately there were only a few of them there were mature, and there was no chance of getting an endless supply of the mana potions.

He walked over to another location and pulled apart the leaves, discovering a pair of defensive gauntlets. They added 2 bonus defense points but there was a requirement of 2.5 OZ strength. They felt weighty in his hands, and he let Freya test it out as he hoped that she would be able to withstand more attacks. However, once she received the gloves, both her arms were pulled down by the weight. She returned the gauntlets with regret.

“That’s a shame,” Brendel shook his head: “If you’re able to wear this along with the Half Plate of the Wind Empress, any swordsman below the Iron Grade will not be able to harm you.”


“What’s there to be sorry about, even the majority of the people in the guards are not capable of wearing them.” Brendel said as he wore them himself. Freya noted the details in his words, and was slightly taken aback. Did it not mean that he was amongst the top fighters in the guards?

In truth, Brendel completely surpassed Bretto

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