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The densely packed refugees successfully escaped from the north gate. They were spread out in the Pine River’s region and marched towards the valley plains, appearing like a trail of ants under the moonlight.

The misty lands ahead was the very south of the Hunting Deer mountainous range. In this area, there was a small mountain called the Silver Sparrow. There were beautiful Grinores fir trees growing in it, and these trees were shaped like a tower that point straight at the sky. Bears and bristling wolves frequently appeared in this area, and players tend to party in the game to handle any sudden dangers that occur suddenly.

Brendel believed the first step was to enter this area to avoid any dangers that would come from the valley plains. Madara’s forces had been completely unleashed, and they would absorb raise even more undead from the people they killed.

[The greatest nightmare would be seeing an endless sea of skeletons in the valley plains… Fortunately that has not come to pass.]

But under the foggy night, there were signs of skeleton riders appearing in and out of the shadows, signifying a terrible omen. These skeletons came directly from the heart of Madara’s land, and it was difficult to create them during this era. However, these creatures were common in the game world’s era where magic and swordsmanship became increasingly complicated with repeated wars.

Brendel stared at the quick shadows that darted in and out of the fog. They spied at the masses and disappeared after a short while, only to reappear somewhere closer to the throng of refugees. Brendel became a little worried and instructed Freya to check on the refugees behind them, as well as to protect the flanks. He soon went to check on the refugees himself.

Freya’s suggestion to steal the nobles’ horses appeared as a great suggestion to the mercenaries, proving that she was willing to risk everything to fight alongside with the mercenaries. If Brendel had not taught her various things, she would not have managed to pull this off.

She was the first to charge into the market which was still being pelted with arrows, then cleanly severed the rope that raised the bridge to allowed the citizens to escape. From then on, Leto and the other mercenaries decided to stay behind and bet on her.

In comparison, the youth who was constantly praised by that young girl appeared to be meek in their eyes. He merely traveled quietly in the horse carriage beside the driver with his hand on his sword, brooding quietly while Ciel, a young man who wore a long robe was dozing off in the carriage. Romaine was peering out curiously at the environment, while taking care some of the children who sat in there.

She did not feel tired at all, only feeling her heart beating quickly. It was exciting and thrilling to escape from the undead with such a mysterious night. It was the adventure that she had been waiting all along.

Mano’s mouth curled and twisted. He

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