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The Dragon of Darkness was the sworn enemy of the four saints in the holy war. It was especially true for the King of Fire, Gatel, who wanted revenge for his kingdom’s demise. Even though he was confused with the witch Babasha’s words, he did not acknowledge her words. A small misstep would make him the enemy of the world.

“The Dragon of Darkness, Odin? I do know that the witches see him as the guide towards the Fate of Darkness, but I have nothing with it.”

He looked at Babasha, but she still bowed down with trembling fear. He was slightly taken aback at her reaction, but suddenly realized he made a mistake with his words. He had forgotten that the people in this world had deeply revered the Gods and the mysterious powers, and even if they were enemies of them, they would not speak of them lightly.

He completely did not accept them as a player, while the other Brendel’s memories influenced his choice of words. When he spoke of the names, he naturally spoke of them like they were equals.

While this action did not appear to be anything wrong to him, it was an offensive remark to Ciel and Babasha’s ears. But the current circumstances were at a subtle state. Babasha was in a state of deep fear, while Ciel regarded his lord with exalted eyes, and hearing Brendel’s reply made them feel that he was hinting at something.

Brendel noticed that point and he shook his head: “Forget it, you’re free to think whatever you like. As long as you do not interfere with me, and simply wait here until the sun is up.”

Babasha’s forehead still laid on the ground and she did not dare to move even one muscle.

Brendel gestured at the stunned Ciel, then told him that there was a hidden trapdoor under the table nearby and asked him to open it. The young man moved the table with a skeptical expression, and took away the carpet that was under it. Indeed, there was a trapdoor there.

By this moment Ciel did not feel any surprise about his lord’s omniscence and could only concluded there were things in the world that could not be explained with human means.

He reached for the handle and pulled it up with effort, revealing a dark hole with a spiraling staircase.

“My lord, are we going to go in right now?” He asked.

“Of course, what else do you think was going to happen?”

“Oh? But Fortress Riedon is so big, isn’t there any other place that allows us to ‘lvup’?”

“Do you really think magic items are like ‘Big White Vegetables’ that you can pick up from the ground anytime you want to?” (TL: Literally TLed as cabbage.)

“I meant ‘Lettuce’, you know that right?” Brendel rubbed his forehead as he realized he misspoke again. There were slight differences in the terminology in this world.

“Of course, but it is very different when my lord speaks of it. Big, white, vegetable, it must have been derived from the ancient language, even the pronunciation sounds close to it.”

Brendel could not suppress his laughter

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