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Brendel’s sword swing shook everyone’s heart, stopping their feet after he slew the second man. Even though there were still people blocking the street and surrounding their carriage, everyone knew that he was not someone to be trifled with, and kept at a delicate distance.

The two corpses were simply left there in the open. Without the youth’s answer on what they could do, they did not have the bravery to do anything and could only pretend not to see them. These two bodies were also a deterrent to the new influx of people who came to see what the commotion was about.

Brendel sat in the carriage as he continued to wait for Freya with worry, but he did not display any of his emotions on his face. Suddenly a new batch of fearsome looking men came up from behind, forcing their way through the crowd and pushing them to the sides, even striking people who resisted a little.

“Trouble never seems to stop.” Brendel was alert and he frowned again.

“Who are they?” Ciel asked.

“They are merchants from the city.” The driver was terribly frightened in the beginning, almost wanting to abandon the carriage when Brendel killed the men, but suddenly realized that the stronger this noble was, the better the chance to survive this ordeal.

“They also look like they are bullies in the city.” Brendel observed their actions, then glanced at the driver’s face. The driver seemed to hesitate, as if he wanted to say something more, but Brendel knew that it did not mean anything well.

“Your peers doesn’t seem like good people, Romaine.”

“No problem, ” She sat beside him with a confident face, feeling very safe.

The group of men came near to the carriage, intending to pull the inhabitants off from it, but they suddenly spotted the two corpses on the ground and their expressions changed. The merchants and their guards exchanged glances, as they knew who to bully and who to leave alone.

They wavered for a while, then decided to push their through instead of picking a fight with the people inside the carriage. However, the guards who accompanied the merchants were used to bullying and they used more force than usual, and their numbers were big enough to push the people around near to the carriage. Because of that, a middle-aged man lost his footing after someone shoved him, and his head knocked onto the carriage’s wheel, bleeding profusely from the long gash that he sustained upon contact.

“Father!” A young panicked voice rang out admist the crowd. A boy was getting pushed further away.

The middle-aged man grunted as he used the carriage as a support to get up. He went straight up and charged angrily towards the guard who knocked him down. The guard who did not expect resistance was thrown into the crowd. Everyone went into a chaotic uproar, but the middle-aged man quickly ran towards the boy.

Just before he reached his son, the other guards already swarmed him like angry bees and struck him to the ground.

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