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Brendel fell down onto the ground on his butt.

The series of battles had caused him to go weak in his knees, and there were no real advantages to be gained from them, and these actions that he took did not match his personality at all.

His eyes were randomly cast upon Dunn’s headless body, and then he stopped moving. His eyes were glued on the ring on his middle finger.

This ring was a long snake biting its tail in the form of an ‘O’ letter, and Brendel’s eyes went wide with shock.

“Fuck me, are you serious?! This bastard is a member of ‘Origin’?” His hand went for the ‘Thorn of light’ on the table, but he was late by a heartbeat: The snake on the ring moved and twisted, then a chilling voice echoed in the room.

“Very good, you bastard. Even though I don’t know who you are, you will not live for long—”

The shrieking voice abruptly started and ended. If Brendel did not know what this organization was, he might have thought he was hearing things.

[Origin… This organization is similar to the ‘Tree Shepherd’, except they are even more mysterious than the latter. Back then in the game’s history when Saint Orso overturned Aouine, they were already present. No one knew what their goal was, but more than half of the in-game high level missions were related to this organization—]

Brendel knew that the high level members in this organization were able to sense each through the ‘Ouroboros’ ring. Once someone died, the members would immediately know and choose a new person to replace him.

And what awaited next was endless revenge.

“Damn it. These bunch of bastards again, Mother Marsha, are you toying with me?” Brendel got up with the support of the Elven sword. He had a difficult time in the end game as he had also killed one of the high ranking members, and the circumstances surrounding it was similar to what happened here.

“My lord, are you in here?” When Ciel arrived the battle was over, but he thought his lord would have easily ended things and wanting him to gather here was nothing more than a polite instruction.

But Brendel’s anger boiled over when he heard the voice. If he wasn’t alert enough, Ciel would have seen a corpse or turned back into a card after he died.

He throw a piece of the rubble at him, and the surprised apprentice dodged to one side.

“Woah! My lord, please listen to my explanation—”

“Save it. Don’t do that again.” Brendel’s feelings were soothed after he scolded Ciel. There was at least one advantage for him right now. Madara would raze this place to the ground and ‘Origin’ would have a hard time finding out who killed Dunn. Even their organization was big, but they were not omniscient.

With that thought in mind, he felt much calmer. If they could not find him, then they would not be able to exact their revenge.

“How many mana potions are left?” Brendel asked.

“I didn’t use one at all, but I’m really drained.” The young man smiled shyly as he did not

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