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‘The Red Bronze Dragon’s Story Bar’ was a pub located between Ponoa’s street and the Traveller’s bridge. It ran through the night and welcomed all manners of people, mercenaries, adventurers, prostitutes and dubious merchants.

If one was able to tolerate the chaotic environment and vulgar talk, this was indeed a good place to find entertainment. There was cheap beer, waitress who wore revealing clothes, and food to fill the stomach. Even if one was to drink a whole night, he would not spend more than a few copper coins, and not worry about the guards hauling him to prison.

But Freya trembled when she walked towards this dirty area. The countryside lass gripped her sword tightly, her mind filled with Brendel’s hints.

She lowered her crimson face, carefully walking through the gaps of the crowd. She felt her ponytail hair standing up from the anxiety in her heart. Her thoughts spiraled into every direction. What happened if someone was to molest her? Chop his hand off? Stab him? (TL: Lol.)

She spied on the waitresses who wore revealing clothes, and felt her ears burn. She could only think of ‘How could they wore something like this! Do they have no shame!’.

She walked over to the bar with both hands on her sword, and the plump bar owner who was sitting down with his hand supporting his cheek sized her up, from the top of her head to her feet.

“This place isn’t for you, little missy.”

She finally noticed that Brendel lied to her. She gritted her teeth and her sword clattered from her trembling hands with fury. But she did not want to vent her anger in front of a stranger and asked with her lowered head: “Excuse me, I’m here to gather information on someone……”

Leto looked at the girl’s head that was so low that it was going to reach the bar’s wooden structure, and he could not help but chuckled.

“This bar is indeed the place for information, but little missy, we’re not free!”

“I know, I’ll pay for the information. Please help me.”

“Very well, who’re you looking for?”

“Hood, a fur merchant in Ponoa’s market.”

“That fellow, huh. Are you his relative from the countryside?”

Freya shook her head hastily: “No, someone asked me to pass a letter to him.”

Leto shook his head, but at this moment, a group of guards walked hurriedly outside the bar’s doors. He keenly felt the girl’s body shook slightly. He had been the owner for over a decade, and his observation skills were unmatched in the vicinity, and he found there was something unusual with this small detail.

And as if it was turning into a real-life play, a guard actually walked back and shouted just outside the door: “Oh right, Leto, did you see any suspicious people around?”

Leto stood up. He saw the girl was pretending to be calm in front of him, but her fingers were turning white from gripping the sword. He sighed and asked: “Are they finding you?”

Freya looked up in surprise, and she was ready to draw her sword.

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