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Chapter 3362 Who is Human Alpha?

“Why must he kill Bao’er?” Han Sen wanted to figure out why this was the case.

The jade statue looked at Han Sen and said, “That doesn’t matter anymore. You just need to know that Human Alpha will not give up on Bao’er. If Bao’er does not have the gene seed, she cannot go against Human Alpha. No matter what, please deliver the gene seed to Bao’er for her to live.”

“Do not worry,” Han Sen said with a look certainty. “I will take this gene seed and put it in her hands. Plus, I will not allow anyone to bring harm to Bao’er, no matter who that person is.”

The jade statue shook her head and said, “You are already strong, but you cannot beat Human Alpha. Only Bao’er can once she receives the gene seed. In this universe, no one can do combat with Human Alpha and succeed. This is Bao’er’s destiny. Therefore, you must survive. Give the gene seed to Bao’er. Until then, you must hold on.”

“In this universe, there are no absolutely invincible beings, right?” Han Sen asked. “I should be able to find a way to beat him. If I cannot do it alone, I can find other elites to help me. I will find a way.”

“Things are not that simple,” the jade statue said. “You do not understand Human Alpha, which is why you feel this way.” She then went silent. Not long after, she sighed and said, “If you really want to protect Bao’er, you have to bring her the gene seed. That is the best chance she has of surviving.”

Han Sen could see the God Chaos Party Leader was still refusing to divulge details on the grudge with Human Alpha and knew there was something about all of this she could not reveal. Ergo, he decided to stop asking her questions about it.

“I saw Bao’er enter the 33 skies, but I am not sure which sky she entered,” Han Sen said after looking at the jade statue. That was the biggest problem he was currently facing. If he could not find Bao’er, then everything up until now was all for nothing.

“Bao’er is in the 33 skies? That is bad. The geno tablet has already returned to its origin. If my real body was there, I could find her. Now, I am just a leftover remnant of a soul. I can’t do anything about it. The worst thing about all this is you and big sky demon suggesting Qin Xiu might be the Human Alpha, and his power is best to its best potential shape. If he sees Bao’er now, he might be able to recognize her.”

“As far as I know, Qin Xiu did not have many talents when he was young.” Han Sen asked with curiosity, “Could he be Human Alpha reborn?”

Although reincarnation likely erased the memories a spirit possessed, people who were as strong as Human Alpha would carry with them a strong gene message even if they reincarnated. He could not have reincarnated into garbage that could not practice.

If it was not for Qin Wan’er giving her blood to Qin Xiu, Qin Xiu would not have even been able to practice. Could a person like that really be who Human Alpha reincarnated as?

The jade statue said, “T

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