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Chapter 169: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

“Because this method is far fairer than relying on innate talent… !”

After Lin Lei slowly said these words, many of the people of the Li Fire Sect, who had been preparing to make a ruckus, fell silent.

Lin Lei was right.

In the past, whenever experts of the sage level or higher came to teach, they would always show more favoritism towards talented disciples.

As for those who weren’t talented, they generally wouldn’t pay too much attention to them.

Discrimination existed all the time.

This was especially true in a world like the Magus world, where competition was fierce.

But today, Lin Lei actually said that he didn’t care about talent. He only cared about the number of runic diagrams that a cultivator had to pay, and that would determine the position of the person who attended the lecture.

To those who weren’t talented, this was definitely a very fair way for them to learn.

Thus, after Lin Lei finished speaking, quite a few disciples began to grow restless, preparing to go back and collect the materials for the runic papers.

It must be understood that runic papers weren’t some cheap item. On the contrary, they were extremely precious.

Everyone needed to put in a lot of effort in order to collect these runic papers.

But of course, at this moment, everyone still didn’t understand why Linley was asking them for runic papers.

Only quite a few smart people would secretly think that these runic papers might be of great use to Lin Lei, which was why he was suddenly collecting them on such a large scale.

But as for what use he had, no one could guess at all.

As for Lin Lei, it seemed as though he quickly sensed everyone’s confusion, and so he calmly explained.

“Everyone, actually, my true purpose in collecting these runic papers is very simple. It is for the sake of my four personal disciples.”


For the sake of his four personal disciples?

Hearing this, everyone had puzzled looks on their faces.

What did he mean?

Why did he say it was for the sake of his four disciples?

Why would his four personal disciples need these runic papers?

“To be more precise, I need these runic papers to be used to inscribe the mystic abilities I am going to teach them.”

Lin Lei continued to slowly explain,

“After Walton and the other three finish their closed-door training, they can use these runic papers to learn new mystic abilities.”

“As for why I didn’t teach them myself…”

“It is because I’m going to leave the Li Fire sect for a period of time.”

“So, actually, this lesson should be the last one.”

“After this lesson ends, you may not see me for a very long time.”

“So, if possible, I still hope that all of you can come and listen to my lesson.”

“In this lecture, I might be able to impart the mageforce of ice to the north, and the mageforce of fire to the south.”

“This will be of great help to e

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