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Chapter 1189 - Warning! Warning!

"In a week and a half, I expect all plans to be submitted. And after 4 days of rest, everyone will begin mission training for all scenarios! Actors will be hired, and you will all swoop in and save 'princess' Tilda under supervision. Getting information and scouting the Coastal city when we arrive will also be tested out too. As for those in the Navy, your scenarios will be at sea. And last but not least, we have to consider the bond between the target and her grandmother."

Her grandmother?

Instantly, several people's eyes lit up as they recalled the information about the old lady of 47 years of age.

(Yes... For women, that was indeed quite old. But for men, not so much... They would be old but not seen as ancient/old as women their ages to many. Nonetheless, they would be considered old at this point too. After all, men typically marry girls a few years younger than them. This was a common trait even in medieval times, like some n.o.blemen at 18, who married 14-year-old girls and whatnot. So their age is mostly not considered. And as the couple ages, everyone would base things off by the woman's age instead. So if the old lady was 47, then her husband must be in his early 50's or late one depending on her wife-rank.)


Everyone recalled the target's grandmother in their minds.

She was the 4th wife to the target's maternal grandfather, who married 5 wives. 2 wives have already died over the years, and only 3 remained.

And it looked like this granny's life was a tough one.

In short, she seemed to have refused to die.

They weren't fools.

The woman had been kept in the cold courtyard for over 21 years now but still stayed alive even though she had limited help, never receiving love from her so-called husband too.

One might even ȧssume that she might not have seen her husband for decades now... (Of course, this would've been true if she didn't try to rescue Tilda and get her out of the palace. After Tilda was caught, Alexander contacted Tilda's grandfather, and the rest was easy to guess... But the Baymardians didn't know this.)

Firstly, the entire courtyard would be falling apart and so dusty that it looked like beggars would have to live in it.

Leaking roofs, broken windows, con webbed cupboards, no beds or furniture, and so on.

That's the image of the cold courtyard for many.

And in this case, picking up illnesses and even colds during the cool summer nights was also common.

Additionally, insect bites and constant visits from several crawly friends were a guarantee.

But apart from nature, humans also made things worse for those who stayed within the cold courtyards.


Generally, their food rations become smaller and smaller as the palace servants start bullying them and making things hard under the influence of the other wives.

This would continue until eventually, they might only receive food 2~3 times a wee

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