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Chapter 1998: A Mistake

Li Muhao struggled to stand. The way Li Muhao looked at Ma Haodong, who was sitting across from him, had changed.

Li Muhao realized he’d almost made a huge mistake.

The man who had beaten Li Muhao up a few times wasn’t an average n.o.body, he was the young master of Rongma Group. Ma Hangcheng was one of Li Muhao’s most significant money sources, which made Ma Haodong the same too.

Li Muhao’s real estate company had dealings with Rongma. Without the giant conglomerate, his company would’ve closed down long ago.

Just the thought of almost taking out the son of Ma Hangcheng was enough to send chills down Li Muhao’s spine. He was lucky that he’d asked someone to search Ma Haodong’s background before taking action.

On the other side, Xiao Yuqian was talking to Su Jimo, and she brought Nie Zhenglan up in the conversation.

Su Jimo hoped that Xiao Yuqian could help her change Nie Zhenglan’s mind.

“I will,” Xiao Yuqian said. “I believe that Lanlan still has feelings for you. Just try harder. I’ll find a way to get the two of you to meet.”

“Hmm… Why don’t I book a camping site?” Su Jimo suggested. “Try and invite her and don’t tell her that I’m going too. Let’s just say that me being there is a coincidence.”

“That’s a good idea. Let me know when you’ve booked the place, and I’ll contact her.”

Xiao Yuqian smiled. She couldn’t help but think that the two-time Best Actor winner in front of her was going crazy because of his wife.

After the break had ended, Su Jimo went back on set with other celebrities.

Xiao Yuqian waited for a while before leaving with Ma Haodong.

It was the weekend, and the weather was great.

Xiao Yuqian picked Nie Zhenglan up and took her to the island that Su Jimo had booked.

When Nie Zhenglan saw Xiao Yuqian arriving with a good looking man, she couldn’t help but think that they were dating.

Nie Zhenglan asked Xiao Yuqian about it, but she denied it.

Ma Haodong drove them to the port while the two women chatted in the back seat.

They took the yacht to the island and prepared their camps.

While Ma Haodong set the tents up, Xiao Yuqian and Nie Zhenglan rested under the shade.

Nie Zhenglan noticed that Ma Haodong kept looking at Xiao Yuqian, and Xiao Yuqian was looking back.

“Just admit it,” Nie Zhenglan said. “You two are dating.”

“Not at all. He’s just one of the new actors working under me. Plus, he’s around my little brother’s age.”

Xiao Yuqian quickly explained as she blushed.

“You know, age isn’t a problem at all,” Nie Zhenglan said. “The most important thing in a relations.h.i.+p is how you feel about him. If you’re happy and he’s able to make you feel safe, then that’s the right person. Don’t wait until he’s gone, or you’ll start to regret it.”

Nie Zhenglan’s words woke Xiao Yuqian up.

Nie Zhenglan was right. Xiao Yuqian had been locking her heart up, never giving in to the thought that someone

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