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Chapter 355: The Virus Descends

The prisoner room were filled with rows and rows of cylindrical, white-glowing cages.

The surroundings were so quiet that the one could hear the sounds of the soldiers knocking on the cage wall clearly. The prisoners’ despairing, beastial howls from inside the one square meter wide cage only added to the hopelessness of the situation.

Unlike the other prisoners, Cillin sat against the wall with his legs curled slightly and kept his eyes closed. He was waiting for something and taking note of the activities outside the cage. He couldn’t see anything outside from inside the cage as a matter of course, but sight wasn’t the only way he could perceive his surroundings. The slight tremors affecting the cage and machine language told him a fair amount as well.

He couldn’t perceive his surroundings without sight perfectly like Czedow and Wheeze, but a rough picture was well within his capabilities. For example, he could sense it when a researcher patrolled the area earlier. He could also tell how long the researcher had lingered around certain cages, their patrol route and so on.

Cillin was also counting the time besides saving his energy and perceiving his surroundings. Suddenly, he picked something that was nigh imperceptible. To give an example, someone outside the cage might not have picked up the activity if they had to rely on their hearing only.

A ripple had appeared on a wall of the prisoner room. Then, a metallic person walked out from the center. He couldn’t perceive the person’s face from where he was, only that he had a humanoid outline. The entire process was almost soundless, and the part where his body was connected to the wall only rippled slightly.

Cillin didn’t know who the person was, but they reminded him of that man he once encountered at the prison of Sector S.

Is it “Mist”? Or “Merciless”?

Regardless of who they belonged to, Cillin was very surprised that they showed up at all. They were the two best killer organizations in the entire GAL, so any move they made would be deserving of scrutiny, especially on a planet like this one.

Why are they here? Is it for the people, or the drugs?

Miracle was most famous for their gene medicine, but there was no need for them to come to the prisoner room if the drugs were their goal, right?

Throughout all this, Cillin kept his head bowed and didn’t move a muscle so that it would look like he was asleep from the outside. Therefore, the newcomer didn’t notice anything amiss with Cillin either. After scanning the room once for whatever it was they were here for, they stepped back into the wall, and the ripples vanished like they never existed in the first place.

There were no researchers in the room, but there were quite the number of security cameras. Long story short, there were no blind spots they hadn’t covered. What this meant was that the security cameras had been tampered with, and that the mysterious perso

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